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Introducing Blue Banana 50 ML E Liquid Shortfill Vape Juice. Life’s too short for boring, everyday bananas, so we took your boring, everyday bananas, threw them right out of the window and made a delicious shortfill vape juice instead. This isn’t just vape juice; it’s a banana on a cosmic journey.

‘A flavour extravaganza’

With flavours like Blackcurrant Fizz Bomb, Blueberry Dougnut, and Lemon & Lime Fizz Bomb we can see why these bad boys are getting so much press. If you thought you’d tried the strongest flavours in the business, think again buster, you ain’t seen nothing yet. (Our favourite you ask? It has to be bubblegum billions!

Health warning

And for those worried about potassium intake, fear not! BLUE BANANA VAPE JUICE DOES NOT CONTAIN ACTUAL BANANAS. It’s like you’re not even listening.

Anyway, if you’re tired of the mundane and craving a fruitier, funnier vape journey, grab some Blue Banana vape juice. This isn’t just vaping; it’s a tropical adventure in every puff!

Our store stocks the full variety of vape e-liquids from short fills, to  Nic salts, so buy now before your favourite flavours sell out!

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