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Prime Strawberry Watermelon

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R and M Tornado 5000

Are you looking for that Prime Strawberry Watermelon taste experience? Well, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. We currently have a couple of disposable vapes that boast the primo McPrimiest strawberry watermelon experience among their flavours, starting with the R and M Tornado 5000, which is packed with a 2% nicotine salt e-juice that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha.

This vape comes in 20 flavours (including Prime Strawberry Watermelon) – because variety is the spice of life, and who wants a bland vaping experience? The airflow control is like having your own personal vape breeze, letting you find the sweet spot that suits you best. And if you’re worried about running out of steam, fear not! The rechargeable Type-C port at the bottom of the device ensures you can savour every last drop of that e-juice in the tank. It’s like having a never-ending well of flavour at your fingertips.

Crystal Bling 6000

Next up we have the Crystal Bling 6000 disposable pod device, also available in their own delicious take on Prime Strawberry Watermelon flavour. With mesh coils more entangled than your last relationship status, this vape is here to prove that flavour and fashion go hand in hand. It’s not just a vape; it’s a flavour revolution in a bedazzled package. The Crystal disposable vape, equipped with built-in mesh coils, is like the rockstar of the vaping world – providing a mouth-to-lung experience that’ll make you say, “Smoking who?”

Forget limits – this vape is all about breaking the boundaries with its Mesh Coil, ensuring the flavour journey is as epic as a Netflix binge. It’s the vaping equivalent of a red carpet entrance – pure luxury and convenience rolled into one.

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