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The EGO II Twist uses a 2200mAh rechargeable battery with power saving and safety features that allow you to turn the battery on and off. The battery is equipped with a microchip to prevent overcharging and will stop automatically when it becomes fully charged. Under normal conditions, the battery takes 3 hours to charge.To charge, plug the USB charger into the top of the battery and connect to a wall adaptor/socket or a USB
port that is powered on. The battery’s indicator light will flash to show it is charging. * Use only the provided USB charger to avoid damaging the battery.

Filling is very easy. Simply unscrew the bottom of the tank, turn it upside down and fill the tank (do not get liquid into the central cylinder). To prevent leaking, it’s a good idea to keep the V-Core III standing up rather than on its side. Clean any excess liquid before using. If you get excess liquid on your lips or hands, wipe the area immediately and wash with water. Do not store e-liquid in a hot place, make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight and do not let it freeze. Improper storage will
cause e-liquids to degrade


1 x battery 2200 mah twist variable voltage battery

1 x usb cable

1 x g3 mini tank 


The battery is shipped in the “off” position. To activate, press the
power button 5 times in a rapid succession (within 2 seconds). Charge the battery to its maximum capacity every time to achieve and maintain the optimal, long battery life.  Do not store the battery in a hot/humid environment and avoid dropping from a height. Be gentle when connecting/disconnecting the charger and dismantling/reassembling tank parts. Never puncture the battery; if the battery is accidentally punctured, use protective hand-wear and dispose of it carefully and responsibly. The GS EGO II Twist is a new generation of variable voltage system, consisting of Rechargeable Battery and BDC Tank Atomizers. Constructed entirely from stainless steel and heat resistant Pyrex glass, it incorporates precision manufacturing and uncompromising perfectionism, only from trusted brands!

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