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The Flow Pod CP600, from the makers of the Flow Bar Disposables, is a vape kit which uses pre-filled e-liquid pods.

Enhance your vaping experience with the Flow Pod CP600 Pod Kit – a top-tier device offering an outstanding vaping experience. The latest kit delivers all your favourite disposable flavours in an adaptable, reusable system. This clever and high-quality vape kit contains up to four flavored 2ml pods simultaneously. With a robust 500mAh rechargeable battery, this kit offers over 600 puffs on one charge. The USB Type-C cable ensures fast and effective charging, and the high-quality mesh coil, featuring a 1.1-ohm resistance, produces smooth and flavorful vapor. Constructed with pure cobalt, the battery ensures durability and long-term performance. Get richer vapour and purer taste with the latest mesh coil technology.

The product includes 2% nicotine salt e-juice and a vape device. Each device comes pre-filled with 20mg of salt nicotine, providing a smooth throat hit and enhanced, mouth-watering flavor. The Flow Pod CP600 Pod Kit is both fashionable and dependable, providing vapers with a range of color choices. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for a robust and satisfying vaping experience. The Flow Pod CP600 Pod Kit utilizes the Flow Pod Prefilled Pods.

The kit includes a Type-C rechargeable battery and single flavoured prefilled pod offering up to approximately many puffs of smooth, intense flavour. This is a leak-proof system designed to keep the coil and liquid separate during transit. Enjoy an efficient vaping experience with this device. Elevate your vaping experience by pairing these Vape Pen devices with a Vape Pen Pod Pack. Enjoy your favourite Flow Bar pods and savour every puff. These pods come preloaded with 2ml of e-liquid and 20mg nicotine salts, specifically crafted for the Flow Pod Kit and Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pod Kit, while also being compatible with the original Elfa Pod Kit.

This convenient and easy-to-use pod kit is draw-activated without any buttons. This is a leak-proof system designed to keep the coil and liquid separate during transit. Wait five seconds, insert the pod into the device, and you can start vaping! Simply puff to activate, no buttons or settings required.

Note: 1. You can select Pod Flavour with ‘without battery’.
          2. You can select Pod Flavour with battery color.
          3. You can select battery color with ‘without pod’.

You will get 1 pack of 2 pods in case you select a pod with any of above first 2 conditions.

This battery is also compatible with pods from Elf Bar Elfa Pro pods And Lost Mary Tappo Pre-filled pods.


Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Puffs: ≥600 Puffs

Nicotine content: 2%Nic Salt

Battery Capacity: Rechargeable 500mAh built-in battery

USB-C Charging Port

Super Mesh coil for maximum flavour

Draw activated

Choice of colours

Choice of Many Pod Flavours


Aurora Blue

Aurora Purple

Barbie Pink

Dragon Fire

Midnight Blue

Ninja Green


Sky Blue


Banana Ice:

It is a creamy banana flavour that’s rich and sweet laced with ice cool finish that will give you a amazing cool vape. A popular frozen treat with a delightful banana flavour encased in a cold layer of ice.

Blue Razz Cherry:

A sweet and zingy berry flavour with plenty of kick. It pairs the sweet taste of cherry with zingy notes of blue raspberry, creating a tangy berry vape.

Blue Razz Lemonade:

It features tangy-sweet notes of lemonade that will tantalise your tastebuds infused with delicious blue raspberry flavours to create a refreshing vape experience.

Blue Sour Raspberry:

Blue Sour Raspberry is a sweet and sour treat, mixing up zesty and tarty blueberries with sour raspberries. Sweet blueberry is blended with the tang of raspberry for a balanced fruit vape.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry:

It gives a Blueberry blended with cranberry and a distinct cherry note, creates a sweet and fruity blend. It is a perfect mouthwatering mix of your favourite berries.

Blueberry Ice:

A cool and refreshing fruity blast of juicy and tart bursting blueberries topped with a sweet and refreshing icy twist. Cool and refreshing blueberry sweetness.

Blueberry Kiwi:

It features a true to form blend full of flavour, presenting a freshly picked wild blueberry inhale with a zesty kiwi exhale. A mixture of great tasting fused vape.

Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry and Raspberry deliver fruit flavour sensation. It features a berry blend capturing sweet blueberry notes paired with tangy yet aromatic raspberries to create a satisfyingly fruity vape experience all-day-long.

Cherry Cola:

A beverage blend capturing bold cherries fused with a refreshing yet complex taste of cola to create a fantastic vaping flavour. It is masterfully blends the sweetness of ripe cherries with the effervescence and depth of cola.

Cherry Ice:

A cool, icy inhale with a sweet fruity aftertaste is produced by the combination of juicy red cherries and supercooling to become your new all-day vape.

Cherry Peach Lemonade:

It captures bold cherry flavour notes paired with delicate peach and zingy lemonade with citrusy highlights to create a refreshing vaping experience with a fruity vape exhale!


The cola captures the sweet, bold flavor of cola, so that soda lovers everywhere can enjoy their favorite vape in a whole new way.

Cotton Candy Ice:

It delivers the classic flavour of sweet yet intense and satisfying cotton candy wrapped up in a pleasant hint of ice to give you that luxurious vaping experience!

Double Apple:

You will taste the deliciousness of a sweet ripe red apple on the inhale, followed by a crispy green apple on the exhale. Double the apple, double the enjoyment.

Fizzy Cherry:

A deliciously crafted summer taste blend with a twist capturing a combo of sweet cherries infused with a fizzy aftertaste to create a tantalizing and satisfying vape flavour.

Fresh Mint:

A real blast of fresh mint flavour. The mint is powerful and the low menthol is kept at a perfect balance. A truly classic vape flavour that you can enjoy all day.


Freshly picked, juice, summer dark grapes. Sweet and succulent, riped to perfection. An explosion of delight. Isn’t life grape?

Gummy Bear:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. That chewy yet delicious bite full of flavor is quite distinctive and unique.

Hubba Bubba:

A perfectly captures the nostalgic taste of the bubblegum we all loved as kids. It’s like blowing bubbles and chewing gum all over again, but with the added satisfaction of a smooth vaping experience.

Ice Pop:

Cool off and indulge in the nostalgic delight of Ice Pop. Filled with a sweet, fruity ice lolly-inspired blend cooled with a layer of menthol.

Juicy Peach:

If you love your fruity juice, then one is a real peach! This exquisite flavour gives plenty to please, giving you the crisp, summery flavour of the juiciest peaches.

Lemon & Lime:

A powerful mixture of the citrus giants, a match made in heaven. Mouth-wateringly fresh, zesty lemons, with a splash of a tasty, tangy, lime. Have a zest for life!

Mad Blue:

A delicious new flavour, that is a juicy blend of sweet berries, featuring Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry notes. There’s no doubt that this fruity vape will excite the taste buds of all who try it!!!

Mr Blue:

Mr Blue combines forest fruits with spices and menthol for a cool and sweet blend. The juicy taste of mixed berries is partnered with floral aniseed and a layer of menthol to finish.

Peach Blue Raspberry Ice:

Experience the ideal blend of juicy peach and tangy blue raspberry with a refreshing icy twist. As you inhale, treat your taste buds to a heavenly journey with the perfect combination of sweet, delicious peaches and tangy, sharp blue raspberries.

Peach Pineapple Ice:

A burst of sweet, juicy peaches and freshly pressed pineapple juice, perfectly chilled with just the right amount of ice, creating an irresistible all-day vaping experience!

Pineapple Ice:

It is refreshing tropical adventure with Pineapple Ice. A summery fruit blend filled with the sweet, tangy flavour of tropical pineapple, and cooled with a layer of ice.

Pink Lemonade:

A refreshing taste of citrusy lemonade that has been perfectly infused with the finest selection pink fruits that works together to create a tantalizing vape experience.

Rainbow Sweets:

A mixture of many flavours to get the sweet rainbow taste. It is Fruit mixture with a sugary base. A sweet candy on breathe in, before a mix of fruits makes a rainbow sweet enhance for an original vape.

Strawberry Ice:

A refreshing and delightful flavour that marries the sweet, succulent essence of ripe strawberries with a cooling ice menthol. Indulge in sweet strawberry with a refreshing chilled finish.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice:

The fresh flavour combo of strawberries, raspberries and cherries combine in harmony to create a fruity vape that offers a sweet and enjoyable aftertaste.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum:

A base Bubble Gum flavour is enriched with layers of sweet Watermelon and fresh-picked Strawberries throughout and finished off with Ice in this sensational all-day vape.

Triple Mango:

A blast of delicious mango flavour that delivers a satisfying tropical taste on exhale. So take a bite and savor the exotic and refreshing flavor of Triple Mango!


It delivers the taste of your favourite fizzy drink! A combination of delicious berries and tart blackcurrants. Get ready to crush your thirst with the deliciously fruity Vim2 Crush!

Watermelon Ice:

Watermelon Ice combines juicy watermelon flavor with frosty menthol, creating a balanced vape that is chilled and sweet without being overpowering.

VG/PG 50/50






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Battery Colours

Aurora Blue, Aurora Purple, Without Battery, Barbie Pink, Dragon Fire, Midnight Blue, Ninja Green, Rainbow, Sky Blue


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