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Welcome to the future of vaping – the Veeba 500 Puff Disposable Vape Pod Device. Veeba 500 Puff Disposables Vape Bar offer a variety of flavor options, such as fruit, menthol, and soda, to appeal to every palette. VEEBA is a pocket-sized disposable vaping device that is easy to use for on-the-go vaping moments. It comes in a range of flavours and uses 2ml of e-liquid with a nicotine level of 1.8% (20mg/ml), and a 280mAh battery. This disposable kit can provide approximately 500 puffs, with the actual number of puffs depending on the length of each draw. A great way to try vaping for the first time or a handy device to take with you when you don’t want to carry your main set-up on a night out.

Designed to be used wherever you are, the new Veeba 500 disposable vape device is the perfect compact size to fit in your pocket; perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

It is high-quality disposable vape that can bring more puffs and a more pure Flavour. It has the most realistic preference and lasting taste performance, making it superior to other disposable electronic cigarettes. You will be surprised by the purer and smoother taste.


Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Puffs: ≥ 500 Puffs

Nicotine content: 2%Nic Salt

Battery: 280mAh built-in battery

Size: 115 x 17.9 x 9.4 mm.

Draw Activation

Unique style design

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of Many Flavours



A classic vaping experience. Dark tobacco flavour meets toasted aroma with subtle earthy notes.​ The traditional smoker can now enjoy a smarter way to satisfy their cravings.

Coral Pink:

A mix of watermelon and melon aroma notes are balanced with minty undertones.​ A unique blend of watermelon and melon flavors, providing a truly satisfying vaping experience.


Apple, strawberry and orange mixed aroma notes, topped with cooling.​ A sweet, light summertime fruit mix that contains a well-balanced blend of ripe strawberry, apple, orange and mint flavors.


Blueberry and pomegranate aroma notes, balanced with a creamy touch. A wonderful blend of sweet and tangy blueberries along with the exotic-juicy pomegranate.


This vape gives an experience that mixes blueberry and strawberry with cooling. A perfect pairing of red-ripe strawberries and perfectly sweet blueberries finished with a handfull of ice.


Dragon fruit and strawberry aroma notes, topped with cooling.​ It delivers a harmonious fusion of exotic dragon fruit and succulent strawberries, perfectly balanced to create an unforgettable flavor experience.


A mix of apple, watermelon and banana aroma notes are balanced by minty undertones.​ A juicy flavor of Strawberry, apple, and watermelon with a pinch of mint makes you want more.


A refreshing minty flavour balanced with creaminess and cooling. Calling all minty lovers, this may be the disposable device for you!

Yellow Green:

Apple aroma notes with sweet and sour hints and a touch of cooling.​ Delicious apples have been blended with cooling menthol to provide a vape that is both sweet and sour.

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