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SKE: dependable devices for vaping aficionados

Look no further for the cornerstone of your vaping experience than a dependable vape device from SKE. They provide the ideal solution for aficionados craving the classic flavours of their renowned Crystal Bar disposable devices, now available in an expanded SKE disposable range. From the amazing disposable vapes that are the SKE Crystal Bar 600 and the SKE Crystal Super Max 4500 to the SKE Crystal Plus pre-filled pods, they’ve got all your vaping needs covered.

SKE Crystal Plus Pod system

Introducing the sleek SKE Crystal Plus pod system— a sophisticated alternative that preserves your favourite disposable taste and throat hit. Crafted for a seamless transition, these replaceable pod devices deliver the signature SKE essence you’ve come to love. Every vape pod is engineered to provide approximately 600 puffs, although the exact count may vary depending on the length of each draw during use, with longer draws resulting in fewer puffs. These pods are equipped with a unique airlock system designed to maintain the freshness of the e-liquid. When opening a new pod, simply push upwards on the red plastic seal and wait for ten seconds before vaping, as demonstrated in the image below. This seal effectively prevents air from reaching the e-liquid and coil, ensuring freshness and preventing leaks during transportation.

SKE disposables: ideal for on-the-go vaping

Here we’ve got some of the best disposable options on the market, such as the SKE Crystal Vape Bar 600 Puff which provides 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid at a nicotine strength of 20mg and is powered by an integrated 500mAh battery, capable of delivering up to 600 puffs. These devices provide an exceptional mouth-to-lung vaping experience. Crafted for use on the move, the new SKE Crystal disposable vape device boasts a compact size, fitting effortlessly into your pocket, ideal for those with busy lifestyles. Maintenance-free and featuring an incredibly small design for effortless transportation and usage, it’s a high-quality disposable vape that delivers abundant puffs and pure flavour. With its realistic taste profile and long-lasting performance, it surpasses other disposable electronic cigarettes. Prepare to be amazed by its purity and smoothness of flavour.

Another top offering in terms of their disposable options is the Ske Crystal Super Max 4500 Disposable Vape Pod, boasting an enhanced taste thanks to its built-in mesh coils. With a 1500mAh battery offering up to 20mg nicotine strength, it’s a convenient pre-filled vape device that eliminates the need for coil changes. Available in a variety of flavours ranging from sweets to fruits and desserts, the SKE Crystal Super Max 4500 lets you indulge in the latest flavours with ease. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or seeking a portable option for nights out, this device is perfect. Also crafted for on-the-go use, the SKE Crystal Super Max 4500 disposable vape device is designed to fit seamlessly in your pocket, catering to your active lifestyle. Delivering more puffs and purer flavour, this high-quality disposable vape sets itself apart with its realistic taste profile and long-lasting performance. Prepare to be impressed by its unparalleled purity and smoothness of flavour.

With this and many more products to choose from, as well as 0mg, 10mg and 20mg nicotine options available, there’s something for everyone when it comes to SKE! If you have any questions about our products, check out our FAQs here.

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