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Here are all the various vaping accessories we have on sale, all in one place for your leisurely perusal. We’ve got individual products such as the GREEN SOUND RECHARGEABLE BATTERY and the NIC NIC ICE COOL NICOTINE SHOT. Many vape mods require external RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Having spare, charged batteries ensures continuous use without interruption. NICOTINE SHOTS, also known as nic shots, are concentrated nicotine solutions added to nicotine-free e-liquids to create a customized nicotine strength. They allow you to adjust your e-liquid’s nicotine content according to personal preference, and they’re typically used with SHORTFILL e-liquids that are sold in larger bottles with enough space to accommodate the nic shot. You can also find other accessories here like REPLACEMENT GLASS VAPE TANKS and VAPE COTTON.

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