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One of the OGs of the vaping scene, SMOK has been producing vape related products since Gorillaz, Muse and Stevie Wonder headlined at Glastonbury (i.e. they were formed in 2010).

If your favourite superhero vaped, they’d probably use this brand, and not just because it sounds like the letters stand for something really cool like Super Mindblowing Oral Khemistry or…something.

Picture this: your favourite superhero (who shall continue not to be named for legal reasons) puffing on their SMOK Rigel Kit, planning their next world-saving mission. Or perhaps they’d choose the SMOK VVOW Disposable Device, because they’re already extremely busy with all the superhero admin? Maybe they’re vaping in a large cave named after a certain type of frightening nocturnal creature? Who knows.

Whether you’re saving the world or simply trying to write engaging copy without infringing on the intellectual property rights of some of the world’s most powerful companies, let SMOK be your trusty sidekick.

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