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Yalla Yalla presents a wide variety of stunning flavours for your enjoyment. Check out all our Yalla Yalla products here, from passionfruit ice flavour to pink lemonade. ‘Yalla yalla’ basically means ‘get a move on’ in Arabic, so what are you waiting for? You’ve got flavours like Banana Ice, turning your vaping experience into a frosty fiesta.

Or if your tooth is even sweeter still, trade in that bananery bliss for Yalla Yalla’s Vanilla Custard E-Liquid, which is so decadent that a dessert chef got a Michelin star just for  thinking about it. Your taste buds will be doing a standing ovation after each puff, demanding an encore of custard crescendos.

What about Cola Ice flavour, then? HUH?! This isn’t just a flavour; it’s the rockstar of the vaping world – the Elvis of e-liquids, the Guns N Roses of vapes N vaping. A cola so cold, it’s probably exactly what Outkast were talking about when they asked, ‘What’s cooler than being cool?’ ANSWER: Cola Ice 100ml E-liquid!!

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