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The ALL-NEW ELFBAR 600V2 disposable vape features a smooth metallic outer casing, doing away with the all-plastic outer shell of the original ELFBAR 600. The disposable vaporizer accommodates 600 puffs, and is meant to be disposed after life cycle. the disposable pod devices has a maximum e-juice capacity of 2ml and are filled with 20mg of nic salt. It has a great quality & also deliver up to 600 puffs. Contrast color collocation delivers more enjoyment. For enhanced performance and flavour, the ELFBAR 600 V2 has an all-new mesh coil that really gets the most out of the flavours, highlighting the individual profiles of the different fruity blends. With the use of the latest QUAQ coil technology that utilises a finer mesh and larger heating surface to produce a smoother more consistent vapour, the 600V2 delivers a richer more flavourful taste.

Designed to be used wherever you are, the new Elf bar 600V2 disposable vape device is the perfect compact size to fit in your pocket; perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

It is high-quality disposable vape that can bring more puffs and a more pure flavor. It has the most realistic preference and lasting taste performance, making it superior to other disposable electronic cigarettes. You will be surprised by the purer and smoother taste.


Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Puffs: ≥600 Puffs

Nicotine content: 2%Nic Salt

New mesh coil for enhanced taste and performance

All-new metallic outer shell and vivid colours

High-performance modular battery

Consistent QUAQ Mesh Coil – 1.2 ohm resistance & low 0.02 ohm tolerance

Draw Activation

Unique style design

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of Many Flavours


Apple Peach:

It features juicy notes of soft peaches blended to perfection with crispy apple undertones to create a sweet vape experience.

Apple Watermelon:

A tropical fruit blend. The apple flavour has a sweet and sharp taste, that’s enhanced by the juicy notes of watermelon on exhale.

Banana Ice:

A popular frozen treat with a delightful banana flavour encased in a cold layer of ice. Every inhalation awakens your senses with a delectably rich banana that is followed by a breezy cool touch.

Banana Mango:

A fruit filled concentrate featuring delicious ripe bananas paired with sweet tropical mango, this vape is dripping with juice.

Blue Razz Lemonade:

It features tangy-sweet notes of lemonade that will tantalise your tastebuds infused with delicious blue raspberry flavours to create a refreshing vape experience.


It features bold notes of sweet blueberries with ripe fruity undertones to create a sweet vape experience.

Blueberry Kiwi:

It features a true to form blend full of flavour, presenting a freshly picked wild blueberry inhale with a zesty kiwi exhale. A mixture of great tasting fused vape.

Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry and Raspberry deliver fruit flavour sensation. It features a berry blend capturing sweet blueberry notes paired with tangy yet aromatic raspberries to create a satisfyingly fruity vape experience all-day-long.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:

It balances the tart taste of juicy blueberry with a distinct layer of sour raspberry, creating a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity aftertaste. Sweet blueberry is blended with the tang of raspberry for a balanced fruit vape.


The iconic taste of rich and flavourful cherry is delivered to your tastebuds in this Cherry vape bar, giving you all the luscious juiciness that this fruit offers.

Cherry Cola:

A beverage blend capturing bold cherries fused with a refreshing yet complex taste of cola to create a fantastic vaping flavour.


The cola captures the sweet, bold flavor of cola, so that soda lovers everywhere can enjoy their favorite vape in a whole new way.

Elfbull Ice:

A simple yet truly gorgeous vape featuring an ice cold, sticky sweet energy drink flavor that you won’t be able to put down.

Golden Kiwi:

The sweet, mellow notes of golden honeydew melon are perfectly complemented by the tartness of kiwi fruit. It’s a tropical treat that offers a uniquely evocative and satisfying vape experience.


Grape is a blend of candied and natural grapes, which is then layered with subtle tones of sweet and juicy watermelon.

Grape Raspberry:

It is wonderfully juicy notes of grapes that will tantalise your tastebuds that is paired with a ripe fruit taste upon the exhale creating a tantalizing vape experience.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava:

It features a medley of tropical fruits that will tantalise your tastebuds, capturing tangy kiwi paired with passion fruit & guava to create a fantastic vape experience.

Lemon Lime:

A powerful mixture of the citrus giants, a match made in heaven. Mouth-wateringly fresh, zesty lemons, with a splash of a tasty, tangy, lime. Have a zest for life!

Mad Blue:

A delicious new flavour, that is a juicy blend of sweet berries, featuring Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry notes. There’s no doubt that this fruity vape will excite the taste buds of all who try it!!!


While the crisp, vibrant notes of lime mingle with the fresh, delicate sweetness of mint, a dash of icy menthol ensures that this excellent flavour offers the maximum level of cooling.

Orange Gami:

A fruity candy flavour. The authentic flavour of sugary orange gummy sweets comes through from inhale to exhale.

P&B Cloud:

It is ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth. The wonderful flavours of candy floss are combined with a cold icy finish.

Pink Grapefruit:

It is tangy and refreshing taste of tart pink grapefruit, delivering a bright and citrusy flavour that’s perfect for vapers who love a bold and tangy citrus vape.

Pink Lemonade:

A refreshing taste of citrusy lemonade that has been perfectly infused with the finest selection pink fruits that works together to create a tantalizing vape experience.

Rinbo Cloudd:

It delivers a mixed fruit candy blend. A medley of fruit flavours combine with a sweet candy base throughout.

Strawberry Ice:

It features the taste of succulent sweet strawberries blended perfectly with a cooling icy blast to bring you an excellent fruity vape.

Strawberry Kiwi:

It is sweet journey of summer with mouth-watering Kiwi slices and luscious sweet strawberries. It’s a lovely blend of two popular fruits that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy experience.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice:

It is delightful blend of fresh aromatic strawberries with plump and slightly tart raspberries and rich cherries all rounded off with a gust of ice.


A vibrant and exotic flavour of freshly sliced watermelons bursting with sticky sweet juice perfect for all those tropical lovers. Perfect for vaping on the go!

Watermelon BG:

This unique flavour is rich and wonderful, providing both fruitiness and candy sweetness. The taste of classic bubblegum is complemented by notes of juicy crisp watermelon.

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