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PG/VG: 50/50

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The Vaporesso Coss Click hybrid vape device offers a seamless experience for users transitioning between disposable vapes and pod systems. Equipped with COREX heating technology and a coil-liquid separation system, the VAPORESSO COSS CLICK optimizes e-liquid usage, ensuring a consistent and flavorful vapor. Refilling is straightforward with a simple click mechanism. Its diverse selection of flavors ensures a personalized and delightful vaping experience for every user. In accordance with TPD regulations, this innovation not only allows for refilling but also offers a larger capacity compared to disposables. The e-liquid maintains its fresh flavor without prolonged cotton contact, reducing losses from excessive soaking.

It contains 2% nicotine salt e-juice and vape. Each device is pre-filled with 20mg salt nicotine, which gives a smooth throat hit as well as a boosted mouth watering flavour. Each pod is filled with 2ml of 20mg Nic Salt E-liquid, providing delightful vaping sessions and a satisfying throat hit. The gadget, equipped with a 2ml pre-filled mesh coil tank, provides both ease of use and top-notch performance. Additionally, it comes with a 10ml refill reservoir for effortless automatic refills at the click of a button. Streamlined vaping made easy. This design ensures easy use and requires no maintenance, catering to vapers of all experience levels. Just open, breathe in, and savor the robust flavors and thick vapor output. The pod cartridge is transparent, enabling you to monitor e-liquid levels at any time.

The disposable vape features a 600mAh battery and necessitates a Type-C charging cable for recharging. It features a battery performance indicator that displays different colors to indicate the battery level. When the indicator shows green, it means the battery is at 100% to 70% capacity. A Green indicator signifies a battery level of 100% to 70%, Or Blue indicator sign battery level 70% to 30%, and Red light indicates a battery level of 30% to 0%. It can be recharged if the battery life depletes before the vape is consumed. However, once finished, the Vaporesso Coss Click 6000 cannot be refilled, making it a convenient and hassle-free vaping option.

Designed to be used wherever you are, the new Vaporesso Coss Click 6000 disposable vape device is the perfect compact size to fit in your pocket; perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

It is maintenance-free and features an incredibly small and compact design for easy transport and use. It is high-quality disposable vape that can bring more puffs and a more pure flavor. It has the most realistic preference and lasting taste performance, making it superior to other disposable electronic cigarettes. You will be surprised by the purer and smoother taste.


Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Nicotine content: 2%Nic Salt

10ml Built-In E-Liquid container

Battery: 600mAh built-in Rechargeable Battery

Powerful battery & easy to use

3-Colour Battery Indicator

COREX Heating Technology

Visual Pod & Battery Levels

Fully TPD Compliant Device

Dimensions: 68 x 22.5 x 99mm

Draw Activation

Unique style design

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of Many Flavours


Banana Ice

Berry Ice

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Double Apple

Fizzy Cherry


Paradise Fusion

Pineapple Ice

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

Strawberry Watermelon Breeze


Triple Mango

Triple Melon

Watermelon Ice

VG/PG 50/50






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QWhat does 20MG mean on a disposable vape?

A This number indicates the milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of e-liquid. Essentially, the lower the number, the less nicotine it contains. 20mg nicotine vapes offer... Read More

QIs 20mg of nicotine a lot in a vape?

A This is the highest amount of nicotine you can get legally in this country, so it’s a lot by UK standards. It should be noted... Read More

QAre 20mg vapes illegal?

A No, but the 50mg ones you can get in other countries are. The UK government is making all disposable vapes illegal from the 1st of... Read More

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