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Ice Cold Malaysian liquids brought to the UK? Look no further. Let Dr Frost hook you up! With a whole range of frosty cold fruit flavours and their Dr Frost Bar Disposable Pods, you’ve got no excuse not to stay pleasantly chill all year round.


Dr. Frost offers an extensive range of flavours that are undeniably delicious, so you’re certain to keep coming back for more and more. Whether you crave the refreshing chill of menthol in your vape or prefer the velvety coolness of ice cream on the exhale, Dr. Frost has something for everyone. They even provide a salt nicotine option for those seeking quicker satisfaction for their nicotine cravings. Dr. Frost has showcased their creations at major vape expos worldwide, garnering numerous awards for their polar ice vape flavours. Dr. Frost Nic Salts are available on our website in a few different strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg, catering for the no nicotine crowd as well as those looking for something with a decent kick.

Dr Frost flavour selection

Choose from our wide selection of flavours including sour bratz, geekz and pink soda. Sour bratz delivers a tantalising sour candy experience that will leave your taste buds craving more, all skilfully crafted with a delightful blend of strawberry, watermelon, orange, cherry, grape, and lime flavours. With geeks you’ll experience a timeless candy flavour that transports you to the past, before geeks actually ruled the world and they were just getting bullied at school. This perfect blend combines the essence of lemon and apple candies, and it’s for everyone, regardless of whether you identify as nerdy or geeky. Finally, pink soda is a delightfully fresh take on grape flavour. Imagine grapes carefully handpicked, frozen, transported to the frozen north, then mashed into a pulp and blended into a unique pink bubbly concoction. It’s a secret recipe that promises to delight. Refreshing, sweet, and perfectly satisfying.

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