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Introducing ELUX: Because Cloud Nine is so last season, we’re here to help you reach Cloud Infinity! Our E LUX Vaping products aren’t just devices; they’re your VIP pass to the puffy paradise where foggy dreams come true.

ELUX is one of the fastest growing brands in the vaping industry, known for their high quality yet affordable products – even their disposable vapes don’t compromise when it comes to quality!

Awards for ELUX

In 2022, the brand was awarded ‘Best Disposable E-Cigarette’ by the vape community, and they’ve continued to go from strength to strength, creating brand new devices with advanced features and improved lifespans, all while keeping costs as low as possible for their customers.

Choose from nic salts like fizzy cherry and their range of ELUX Bar 2500 disposable pod devices. Before long you’ll be reclining in a fluffy cloud-shaped throne, crowned as the Sultan of Vapour, surrounded by an entourage of misty minions.

Top sellers include the ELUX legend, and the ELUX Legend pro.

About the ELUX brand

E LUX, a rapidly expanding brand in the vaping industry, distinguishes itself through specialisation in the design, production, sales, and marketing of vape devices and e-liquids. Their mission is to influence the vaping community significantly by providing top-quality, innovative products. The brand combines advanced materials with state-of-the-art design to set high standards.

ELUX’s mission

ELUX aims to stand out from the competition by offering a comprehensive ecosystem: cutting-edge technology, homemade e-liquids, an assortment of flavours, personalized service, and full support, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Established in 2013, ELUX has since concentrated primarily on the electronic cigarette industry. Innovation drives their research and development labs, production facilities, and e-cigarette product sales.

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