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The Aroma King 7000 disposable e-cigarette device features an internal 850mAh battery,  Available in a wide range of flavours, the Aroma King disposable pod has a constant power output and consistent taste system for a truly satisfying vape experience.

Designed to be used wherever you are, the new Aroma King disposable vape device is the perfect compact size to fit in your pocket; perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

It is high-quality disposable vape that can bring more puffs and a more pure flavor. It has the most realistic preference and lasting taste performance, making it superior to other disposable electronic cigarettes. You will be surprised by the purer and smoother taste.

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Apple Peach Pear:

A crisp and cooling pear flavor mixed with ripened apple taste, tied together with a touch of juicy peaches.

Banana Ice:

Banana Ice is a sweet and fruity banana flavour combined with a hint of refreshing menthol.

Berry Lemonade:

A rich blend of mixed berries that ups the ante on a fantastic lemonade, exploding with puffs of sweet tart awesomeness.

Blackcurrant Honeydew:

A Fantastic combination of Tangy Blackcurrants with slices of Sweet Honeydew Melon.

Blue Razz Cherry:

A delicious fruit blend capturing a combo of sweet blue raspberries fused with bold cherries that will tantalise and satisfy your taste buds with a fantastic fruity exhale.

Blue Razz Lemonade:

It features tangy-sweet notes of lemonade that will tantalise your tastebuds infused with delicious blue raspberry flavours to create a refreshing vape experience.

Blue Razz Slush:

Blue Razz Slush Pod flavor provides a rush of blue raspberry flavoring in every puff of your vape. A sweet, tart treat, featuring a crisp raspberry tang in every hit.

Blueberry Bubblegum:

A fruity, candy mixture, Blueberry Grape takes a bubblegum base and infuses it with juicy grape and tart blueberries for a fantastic combination of flavours.

Blueberry On Ice:

A Brilliantly bursting blueberry blast detonates some stupidly full flavoured icy fruit entourage in your mouth.

Blueberry Pomegranate:

Fresh blueberries pouring out of this one with the slight sourness of pomegranate. A real blast of flavour for sure.

Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry and Raspberry deliver fruit flavour sensation. A refreshing and delicious burst of flavor that invigorates your taste buds like a delicious smoothie on a summer day.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:

It features sweet and sour notes of blueberries paired with tart raspberries creating a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity aftertaste.


The iconic taste of rich and flavourful cherry is delivered to your tastebuds in this Cherry vape bar, giving you all the luscious juiciness that this fruit offers.

Cola Ice:

A beverage blend frosty undertones capturing a unique taste of cola fused with ice on the finishing exhale to create a refreshing vape experience!

Cool Mint:

This take on classic flavor takes the icy mint many of us love and ramps it up for a new experience that stays true to its origins.

Cotton Candy:

The classic taste of fluffy cotton candy mixed with tasty bubblegum. A uniquely delicious candy flavor.

Grape Ice:

Deliciously sweet and fruity fresh, taste an array of grape flavours. A delightful and refreshing flavor that perfectly captures the essence of ripe, juicy grapes combined with a cooling icy sensation.

Gummy Bear:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. That chewy yet delicious bite full of flavor is quite distinctive and unique.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava:

It features a medley of tropical fruits that will tantalise your tastebuds, capturing tangy kiwi paired with passion fruit & guava to create a fantastic vape experience.

Lush Ice:

A Delicious sweet and fruity watermelon with a touch of cooling on the exhale.

Mango On Ice:

A cool and refreshing fruity blast of juicy and tropical freshly sliced mangoes layered over a sweet and refreshing icy finish.

Mango Passion Fruit:

It hits you with a sweet and juicy mango treat on the inhale, with an equally exotic tart passion fruit aftertaste that lingers.

Mixed Berries:

Tart blueberries, sweet strawberries, sour raspberries and the rich chocolate-like flavor of acai berries all come together to create a layered flavor, enticing to any berry lover.

Mr Blue:

Mr Blue combines forest fruits with spices and menthol for a cool and sweet blend. The juicy taste of mixed berries is partnered with floral aniseed and a layer of menthol to finish.

Orange Citrus Guava:

Get a fruit-filled vape with this fantastic liquid, combining the sharp, fresh flavours of blood oranges, guavas and citrus for a fruity spectacular.

Peach blueberry Candy:

Cultivate your taste buds with exploding flavors like Peach, Rock Candy and Blueberry Cotton Candy.

Peach Ice:

The sweet and succulent flavours of the fresh peaches take centre stage and are beautifully complemented by the refreshing menthol.

Peach Mango:

Peach Mango is another peach and mango flavored vape complimented by fruit sweet sorbet treat.

Pina Colada Rum:

Pina Colada is a light rum-based Caribbean cocktail with coconut milk and pineapple juice.

Pineapple Ice:

A juicy sweet pineapple and blending it with a refreshing splash of uplifting menthol for a tropical vape.

Pink Lemonade:

A classic flavor that is truly magical, you haven’t had one quite like this before! Sweet, tangy, sour, perfection!

Red Apple Ice:

The sweet taste of crisp red Apples sliced up and served over fizzy soda and crushed ice.

Red Apple Lemon:

A strong flavour of juicy red apples with a tarter of sour lemon slices with an icy finish. If you are looking for fruit vape that is never so much sweet, red apple lemon is the right choice.

Red Energy Ice:

If you prefer your energy drinks chilled, this disposable vape pen should jump to the top of your wish list.

Sour Apple: 

It is sweet and sour notes of green apples that will tantalise your tastebuds creating a refreshingly fruity vape experience with a tangy aftertaste.

Strawberry Banana:

An explosion of sweet strawberries and ripe bananas make for a exhilarating fruity finish when combined with nic salts.

Strawberry Donut:

It combines freshly baked donut batter topped with a tantalizing strawberry glaze.

Strawberry Energy:

The fresh strawberries are thrown in a blender full of an energy drink. What you get is a splendid strawberry energy mix both sweet and fruity.

Strawberry Ice:

Strawberry Ice delicately harmonizes juicy red strawberries with a slight undertone of frosty coolness.

Strawberry Kiwi:

It is the sweet tang of juicy strawberries and fresh kiwi, exploding with puffs of sweet tart awesomeness.

Strawberry Peach Lime:

It is a fruit blend noted for its sharp, crisp finish. A ripe-tasting strawberry and zesty lime combine with a tart, fizzy apple cider base for an authentic, summery vape.

Strawberry Watermelon:

Mouth watering combination of sweet juicy strawberries combined with fresh refreshing watermelon, for a sweet mellow tasting flavour.

Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade:

It is perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, as the flavours of ripe strawberries and sweet watermelon dance across your palate. And the tangy lemonade finish leaves a delightful aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more.

Tiger Blood:

A medley of sweet red fruits is mixed with a tantalising blend of fizzy cola!


Vimto is bursting with juicy berry flavour layered over a cool and refreshing streak of crushed Ice.

White Peach Razz:

It is blends with sun-ripened sweetness of juicy peaches with the distinctly delicious tang of fresh raspberries.

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VG/PG 50/50


Battery: 850mAh built-in battery (Rechargeable)

Nicotine content: 0mg (No Nicotine)

Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Type C Cable Required (not included)

Draw Activation

Unique style design

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of Many Flavours






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  1. Morgan Massey (verified owner)

    Amazing, lasts long enough and flavour is good.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Ok the strawberry is the best then pink lemonade ,mixed berry. But some are really not nice and there is an issue with the product spitting close to the end of its life.much better than an elf bar with only lasts a day. These would last a week. I will keep using

  3. georgecatalinioan (verified owner)


  4. Steven Oldfield (verified owner)

    I really like the cotton candy then mr blue some of the others I have tried are good but those two for me are best, just wish I could stop getting faulty ones I know this is not your fault and you have been very understanding and helpful and I appreciate that thank you, carry on the good work and happy new year, will be ordering again shortly.

  5. zakedmondson (verified owner)

    Best pricing when you buy 3 and free delivery! Had mixed berries and mango on ice and loved both.

  6. Sandra (verified owner)

    Great flavour and lasts.

  7. Zoe (verified owner)

    Last a long time, always order mixed berry, had an issue with one not charging but they offered a 50% refund so was happy as managed to use half of it. Quick delivery too

  8. Darren Dodson (verified owner)

    Great flavour, vapes really well

  9. Darren Dodson (verified owner)

    Great flavour, vapes really well and lasts

  10. Darren Dodson (verified owner)

    Great flavour, vapes really well, lasts and a great price

  11. Darren Dodson (verified owner)

    Great price for a quality product

  12. Stu (verified owner)

    Strawberry watermelon is really nice, ordered another one trying a different flavour

  13. Darren Dodson (verified owner)

    Brilliant vapes

  14. stu2831 (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering this brand mango on ice is ok, just placed another order but trying a different flavour very good

  15. PAUL HUNTER (verified owner)

    My favourite all time disposable vapes I’ve been buying these for a couple of years and have never had an issue, items always arrive quickly flavours are spot on and are always a good price can’t recommend this company enough I buy several disposable’s every month along with nic salts and I’m always happy with my purchases AAA seller and service 👌👌

  16. kimduffy1989 (verified owner)

    Fantastic vapes! Great flavours

  17. Zoe Pickering (verified owner)

    There amazing so many flavours to choose from I would not buy from anywhere els I am happy with disposable vapes 😀

  18. Sandra

    Great vapes! Last for ever.

  19. Rory Whelan (verified owner)


  20. James (verified owner)

    Bought 4 of the Aroma King 7000 puff vapes.. the only reason this has been given 4 ⭐️ , 2 of them the tank seems to over fill causing intake of some juice whilst inhaling. Apart from that these are by far the best disposable vapes on market in my opinion. Hopefully the small issue was just a batch problem will find out on my next order,

  21. tomsmithson95 (verified owner)

    Really make sure you have let the wick get wet, then it is lovely

  22. thomasdryden07


  23. Michael (verified owner)


  24. Michael (verified owner)


  25. johnjarvis695 (verified owner)

    Generally a very good product and gives days of vaping. Very occasionally you get one that doesn’t work which is a kick in the teeth for the price

  26. lewiswalmsley546 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t Recommend more

  27. Sandra

    Great value and long lasting!

  28. micknevermind (verified owner)

    Great vape, lasts long time and flavour was good(Mixed Berries)

  29. Sharon (verified owner)

    Brilliant bales but I bought Tiger blood and it’s supposed to be red fruits with a hint of cola….NOPE pure watermelon. Overpowering and way too sweet. Other than that they are great. Cola ice is a great flavour

  30. Jenna (verified owner)

    Love theses, battery life is good nice strong flavours but My favourite is the bluesour raspberry and love the fact it has a qr on the side you can scan to check they are verified they are real.

  31. Toria Craig (verified owner)

    Amazing product & very quick delivery. Then flavour is so good & lasts ages.

  32. Denise West (verified owner)

    Been using these Vapes for a while now after using many different brands and I can honestly say the aroma king is without doubt the best on the market. Love the fact they taste so good and last for ages I won’t be going back to the other Vapes.

  33. Theresa Johnson (verified owner)

    Lasts for ages and the flavor is pretty good too, I had Blueberry Raspberry. Just don’t charge them for too long as I found the first few drags after you have charged them taste burned. Will be buying these again for sure. One of the best vapes I have used so far.

  34. bartek (verified owner)

    watermelon strawberry lemonade is abolutly love
    i never have better one

  35. Janette Drewitt (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this flavour. Reminds me of banana milkshake. I don’t think you can overly taste the strawberry but that’s fine with me.

  36. vapeking (verified owner)

    I’ve used RandM/Aroma King vapes in so many different flavours. Best vape in the business.

    Sour apple definitely in my top 5.

    Quick delivery following order by ecigclouds.

  37. Amanda Allcock (verified owner)

    These are the best vapes I’ve had by far. Long lasting and flavorful. The flavours are very nice and smooth. Well worth it

  38. hudsons11 (verified owner)

    Great flavor and last around 1 week for me

  39. PB (verified owner)

    Great price, great flavour and they deliver so I never have to go out to buy a vape.

  40. peter.krischkiw (verified owner)

    Great flavour i got the Cotton Candy,will try different flavours.5 star service.

  41. Michelle (verified owner)

    I really like these vapes

  42. Carla (verified owner)

    Good value and flavours are really good mango is my favourite

  43. Carla (verified owner)

    Last a good while and flavours are really good mango is my favourite

  44. Lisa M Boyce (verified owner)

    These vapes are insanely economical. 7000 puffs for less than £14…. You’ll be lucky to get 800 puffs for that price in the shops.

    There is a massive range of flavours to choice from and personally I couldn’t be more impressed

  45. Lisa M Boyce (verified owner)

    These vapes are so good for the price. 7000 puffs for less than £14…. You’ll be lucky to get 800 puffs for that price in a newsagent or vape shop.

    There is a massive range of flavours to choose from and personally I couldn’t be more impressed

  46. Heidi Mitchell (verified owner)

    excellent product and service / delivery as always 🙂

  47. Roxii (verified owner)

    Have used these before, used to love them but not as much now. However it lasts, flavour stays the same but quite bukly. Would still purchase again if I wanted a vape to last me over a week or 2

  48. Jenifer Perez (verified owner)

    Really great, i love this product

  49. Jenifer (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fantastic flavours

  50. Jenifer (verified owner)

    The best

  51. Carla richards (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with Mr. Blue new flavour for me

  52. Carla richards (verified owner)

    Love the lush ice flavour brilliant vapes

  53. Carla richards (verified owner)

    Mango on ice is my go to flavour the best 👌

  54. Carla richards (verified owner)

    This is my partners favourite 😍

  55. Carla richards (verified owner)

    Strawberry watermelon is a new flavour for me not as strong as some of the others but still really nice

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