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Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and ease with the Crystal Prime 7000, a luxurious disposable vape by — you guessed it — CRYSTAL PRIME. This device showcases a stunning design and exceptional performance, setting a new benchmark for elegance in the vaping industry. From its sleek, ergonomic shape to the high-quality materials, the Crystal Prime 7000 epitomises refined vaping at a price point that won’t break the bank. Crafted for those with discerning tastes, this device combines convenience with sophistication. With an impressive capacity of 7000 puffs, the Crystal Prime 7000 provides a long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience without the need for refills or maintenance. Here Crystal Prime are providing vapers with an elevated experience, where each inhale delivers a symphony of flavour and luxury. Indulge in a vaping journey where the ease of DISPOSABLES meets refined aesthetics, redefining your expectations of a disposable vape. Equipped with a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring long lasting vaping sessions. Filled with 2% nicotine salt e-juice and featuring a 1.2ohm mesh coil, you’d be hard-pressed to find a superior MTL vaping experience on a similar budget. If you have any questions about our products, check out our FAQs. You can get back to our main VAPE SHOP page here.


Battery: 600mAh built-in battery

Mesh Coil for Better Flavour

Pod capacity: 2ml pre-filled juice

Nicotine content: 2%Nic Salt

Crystal Clear Colour full 3D Effect Device

Draw Activation

1.2ohm Mesh Coil

Unique style design

Adjustable Air Flow

Slimline, Compact and Easy to Pocket

Choice of Many Flavours


Banana Ice:

It is a creamy banana flavour that’s rich and sweet laced with ice cool finish that will give you an amazing cool vape. A popular frozen treat with a delightful banana flavour encased in a cold layer of ice.

Berry Blaze:

A fruity blast of berries and blackcurrant blended together. A touch of cooling ice on the exhale compliments the whole flavour and creates a stunning all day vape.

Black Mamba:

It is a delicious concoction of blackberries and cranberries, with a splash of bright citrus.

Blue Razz Cherry:

A sweet and zingy berry flavour with plenty of kick. It pairs the sweet taste of cherry with zingy notes of blue raspberry, creating a tangy berry vape.

Blue Razz Lemonade:

It features tangy-sweet notes of lemonade that will tantalise your tastebuds infused with delicious blue raspberry flavours to create a refreshing vape experience.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:

It features sweet and sour notes of blueberries paired with tart raspberries creating a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity aftertaste.

Blueberry Raspberry:

Blueberry and Raspberry deliver fruit flavour sensation. It features a berry blend capturing sweet blueberry notes paired with tangy yet aromatic raspberries to create a satisfyingly fruity vape experience all-day-long.

Cherry Ice:

Red, vibrant and full of flavour; Cherry Ice takes one of the most loved e-liquid flavours and made it iconic. Fresh and fruity, with a full rich palate of flavour is supercooled and sweetened into a much-loved all-day vape.

Cherry Watermelon:

Indulge in the mouth-watering flavours of juicy watermelon, blended perfectly with notes of sharp cherries. Your taste buds will thank you for this irresistible all-day vape!

Fizzy Cherry:

A deliciously crafted summer taste blend with a twist capturing a combo of sweet cherries infused with a fizzy aftertaste to create a tantalizing and satisfying vape flavour.

Fresh mint:

A true cooling extravaganza, pure mint flavour without the tobacco tones, just clean cool mint.

Fruit Bomb:


Gummy Bear:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. That chewy yet delicious bite full of flavour is quite distinctive and unique.

Hubba Bubba:

Watermelon Lychee e-liquid is a fusion of tropical fruits with a cool finish. On inhale, you’ll detect sweet and juicy notes of watermelon, which is combined on exhale with the light taste of fresh lychee, whilst the ice creates a smooth finish.

Ice Pop:

Cool off and indulge in the nostalgic delight of Ice Pop. Filled with a sweet, fruity ice lolly-inspired blend cooled with a layer of menthol.

Lemon Lime:

A powerful mixture of the citrus giants, a match made in heaven. Mouth-wateringly fresh, zesty lemons, with a splash of a tasty, tangy, lime. Have a zest for life!

Mr Blue:

A beautiful berry medley blended together with a hint of menthol to create a fresh, fantastically fruity vape!

Pineapple Ice:

It features a fantastic sweet and sour pineapple blend fused with crushed ice for a cool tasty all day vape. The flavour blend of the tropical pineapples is absolutely fantastic and just get wrapped around the ice perfectly.

Pineapple Kiwi:


Rainbow Candy:

A mouthwatering fusion of fruity flavours that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Get ready to taste the rainbow and delight in a truly magical treat with Rainbow Candy!

Raspberry Mint:

It combines the sweet juicy flavours of raspberries with a cool breeze of mint, to deliver a light and fruity, menthol vaping experience.

Red Apple Ice:

It features a frosty blend, capturing juicy red apple flavour notes with sweet highlights fused with cooling ice creating a satisfying vape experience throughout.

Red Energy Strawberry:

Juicy strawberry energy flavour that delivers the best fruity balance you can find. The fresh strawberries are thrown in a blender full of an energy drink.

Rainbow Sweets:

Rainbow Sweets (name changed) rainbow candy flavour is bursting with rainbow flavours! Each puff provides a unique flavour from the spectrum

Strawberry Kiwi:

It is a sweet journey of summer with mouth-watering Kiwi slices and luscious sweet strawberries. It’s a lovely blend of two popular fruits that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy experience.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice:

It is a delightful blend of fresh aromatic strawberries with plump and slightly tart raspberries and rich cherries all rounded off with a gust of ice.

Summer Dream:

You’ll get a blast of tropical fruits including juicy pineapple, luscious mango, and sweet papaya, followed by a refreshing and revitalising menthol aftertaste. A fantastic blend of tropical and citrus fruits.

Triple Mango:

Mango ice offers a combination of succulent mango and a cooling ice effect to create a multi-faceted vaping experience that will leave you content

Watermelon Ice:

It is a juicy watermelon flavour similar to your favourite disposable device! Friendly on coils and brilliant on flavour!

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VG/PG 50/50


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  1. micknevermind (verified owner)

    Beast of a unit, great flavour and feels quality.

  2. Roxy (verified owner)

    Nice fruits flavour

  3. Roxy (verified owner)

    crystal prime my 2nd time ordering these great flavours

  4. Roxy (verified owner)


  5. George marshall (verified owner)

    Crystal prime are great in taste ( love gummy bear ) and reacharge gets the most out off your vape

  6. Dimitar (verified owner)

    Not bad

  7. Dimitar (verified owner)

    Not so bad

  8. Dimitar (verified owner)

    Nice one

  9. Jane walker (verified owner)

    Love them brilliant value

  10. Jane walker (verified owner)

    Great value great service

  11. Jane walker (verified owner)


  12. Jane walker (verified owner)

    Great love the flavour

  13. Jane walker (verified owner)

    First time ordering would recommend Crystal prime

  14. Jane walker (verified owner)

    Great taste

  15. tonib08 (verified owner)

    Good vape lovely flavours

  16. Natasha (verified owner)

    Great flavour, love it how it changes colour and the battery is brilliant. I’d love to order it again. 10 out of 10

  17. Jayne Laycock (verified owner)

    Great flavour, probably the best disposable vape for flavour that I have tried.

  18. gmccue1983 (verified owner)

    Very flavoursome vapes I ordered the Black Mamba not sure what it was going to taste like and I absolutely love it will defo be ordering here from now on

  19. Jack marchant (verified owner)

    Great price and great taste and lasts ages

  20. jackmarchant011 (verified owner)

    Lasts a long time

  21. Nicky (verified owner)

    Great Quality

  22. Gage pestridge (verified owner)

    Great product. Long lasting, great value for money and lovely taste

  23. Neil Fancourt (verified owner)

    Quality and last for ages

  24. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay very good not that expensive and nice flow and very nice flavours

  25. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay very good thay not that expensive and nice flow and very nice flavours

  26. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Very good not that expensive and nice flow and very nice flavours

  27. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay are very good not that expensive and nice flow and really very nice flavours

  28. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay are very good cheap and nice flow and really very nice flavours

  29. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay very good not that expensive and nice flow and really very nice flavours

  30. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Good nice cheap

  31. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Thay good nice and nice flavour

  32. Ken Smail (verified owner)

    Very nice

  33. john hall (verified owner)

    great flavour but coil burnt out before liquid ran out

  34. Andrea Beatty (verified owner)

    Great flavours and great value for money

  35. E R (verified owner)

    Excellent flavour easy to use great design ling kadting

  36. antwat (verified owner)

    Excellent service very quick great products

  37. antwat (verified owner)

    Great service very quick deliveries

  38. Carriee (verified owner)

    Very very nice flavour, easy to use, lasts a long time.

  39. Amanda Allcock (verified owner)

    Full of flavour. Last a long time

  40. Tracey Bonhomme (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  41. koreanrussia8

    Last long and good flavours

  42. theresawilson2865 (verified owner)

    Great value. Order regularly

  43. Sue (verified owner)

    Really nice fruity flavour

  44. Sue (verified owner)

    Really nice fruity flavour
    Not so nice when liquid runs out. But lasts a long time.

  45. theresawilson2865 (verified owner)

    Great vapes
    Ordered regularly

  46. Sue (verified owner)

    Fresh minty taste. Even good when it starts running out.

  47. Lynne horswill (verified owner)

    Love trying different flavours, taste is excellent. Will be trying different flavours to see what I like the most

  48. Lynne horswill (verified owner)

    Lasts a out 3 weeks. That’s foe quick delivery

  49. charlotte newton (verified owner)

    Great flavour long lasting

  50. Lynne horswill (verified owner)

    Thought I’d try a mr blue in the crystal prime, taste is a bit different to the ELUX but when you get used to it, it’s ok. Great value for money with 7000 puffs not that I count them Haha

  51. Joel (verified owner)

    Good flavour. Good battery life and lasts a long time

  52. miarowland1999 (verified owner)

    One of my new favourite flavours! Super fruity, and lasts a long time. Love it

  53. harveybooth370 (verified owner)

    just a 10/10 nothing more to say

  54. Georgia Moody (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, lasts okay but flavour does go after a few days

  55. Georgia Moody (verified owner)

    Love these prime vapes, battery life could be a little better tho

  56. Erin (verified owner)

    Lovely refreshing flavour

  57. amanda.alderson (verified owner)

    I love these, Red Apple Ice is my favourite.

  58. Sarah Davidson (verified owner)

    My favourite flavour the best vapes I’ve tried

  59. Sarah Davidson (verified owner)

    Nice flavour quite sweet still enjoying it though

  60. beanhead89 (verified owner)

    Great flavours

  61. Linda Fitzsimmons (verified owner)

    Skittles great good in the new 7000 device only problem you need to keep charging it

  62. Carly Halsall (verified owner)

    Black Mamba is a great flavour. Long lasting, easy to recharge.

  63. Lisa (verified owner)

    Cool fresh flavour. (Mint)
    Prompt service.

  64. Anna Szut (verified owner)

    Nice flavour

  65. Anna Szut (verified owner)

    Nice berry flavour

  66. Carly Halsall (verified owner)

    Crystal Prime red apple ice took a bit of getting used to. Nice enough flavour but wouldn’t order that one again. Black mamba is still my favourite flavour!

  67. L Bishop (verified owner)

    Lemon/Lime… Pretty good – definitely taste both flavours & I like the rechargeable aspect rather than a ‘straight disposable’.

  68. amanda.alderson (verified owner)

    Very smooth.

  69. amanda.alderson (verified owner)

    Love Black Mamba Flavour.

  70. amanda.alderson (verified owner)

    Excellent service and very fast delivery.

  71. Natalie Skinner (verified owner)

    Hubba Bubba is amazing, lasts ages, will definitely re order!

  72. Jay Coombes (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and like usual would but again

  73. Jackie Calder (verified owner)

    Bought this on recommendation of a friend. Prompt delivery , product lasts for ages. Will definately reorder

  74. Dan (verified owner)

    These vapes are incredible. So smooth, tastes great. Rainbow Sweets, Hubba bubba & blue sour raspberry are amazing. Highly recommended.

  75. Dan (verified owner)

    These are probably the most favourite vapes I have ever tried. Highly recommended.

  76. Dan (verified owner)

    Best company to get your vapes from. The crystal prime is fantastic. Great communication and help if needed from the team. Highly recommended!

  77. Cristina GALATANU (verified owner)

    Good value and great flavours

  78. Sian (verified owner)

    Banging flavours

  79. Laura

    Love these vapes, last ages

  80. Laura

    Love this flavour they last ages good value for money

  81. Dan (verified owner)

    Amazing vapes. Best you can get in my opinion. Top notch seller! Highly recommended

  82. suzannesourbutts (verified owner)

    this is a really nice flavour, great vape

  83. Jane walker (verified owner)

    Love them great value and great taste

  84. Malcolm Jones

    Really good flavor

  85. Daniel Morris (verified owner)

    Excellent vape, really good flavour and excellent value for money, this vape charges quickly, lasts a very long time between each charge and goes on for ever keeping that wonderful flavour going until the end. Really nice vape.

  86. Shellie (verified owner)

    Great flavour, quick charge, lasts forever 😁

  87. Andrina (verified owner)

    Love them great flavours doesn’t disapoint

  88. Niamh Russell (verified owner)

    Love these, strong taste and always lasts me at least 2 maybe even 3 weeks

  89. Joseph Sulley (verified owner)

    As always incredible service. The vapes seem to taste better with the warm weather, so fruity, charge fast, keep there pull / puff until the end. Thanks again ecigclouds

  90. Danielle Hilton (verified owner)

    Banana ice is a great flavour, I would recommend.

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