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The Pods are compatible with the Mate500 device and provide a great nicotine delivery system, they also utilise a 1.2ohm pod and provides a Mouth To Lung vaping style to create the sensation of a draw of a cigarette more accurately.

Each pack contains 3 pods.

Elf Bar Mate Replacement Pods

Pod capacity – 1.6ml

Empty – Fill your own nic salt

Device compatibility – Elf Bar Mate 500

Empty Pods



  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Elf mate 500 for about 6 months now and was happy to find these refillable pods because £5-7 for a pack of 2 prefilled is alot. I’ve filled my first pod 6 times will one of my 10ml bottles of Elfliq eliquid (£2.99) The pod is still going (hasn’t burnt) and its cost me 1 pod and £2.99 instead of the equivalent being between £15 and £21 for the prefilled

  2. Lance Wilson

    Easy to refill and much cheaper than the pre filled pods

  3. paulwelch2008 (verified owner)

    Very good refillable pods so much cheaper then the disposable pre filled pods

  4. Mrs C Milner (verified owner)

    My husband finds these very easy to use and prefers them to other vapes he’s tried.
    And they are so cheap and quick to fill up with the liquid, very good items.

  5. Matthew Wilson

    Works perfect.

  6. charlotte newton (verified owner)

    Easy to refill and good price

  7. annemargaretmcleod (verified owner)

    Found using these with 50/50 liquid didn’t work very well better with nic salts

  8. Amanda (verified owner)

    Fantastic bargain and service

  9. Jessica (verified owner)

    Brilliant little pods

  10. rgfperry (verified owner)

    Love these pods, usually use Caliburn vapes but these things are so convenient. No changing coils, easy to fill and when done just snap in a new one. Brilliant!!

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QHow many pods does each pack contain?

A Each pack contains 3 refillable, empty pods.

QWhat device are these pods designed for?

A These pods are designed for the Elf Bar Mate vape device. Read More

QWhat is the capacity of the pods?

A The Elf Bar Mate 500 pods have a capacity of 1.6ml.

QDo the Elf bar Mate 500 refillable pods come with any nic...

A No, these are empty pods which you can fill your own nic salt. View our range of nicotine salts here. Read More

QHow many times can you refill a pod?

A Generally pods are ok to be refilled four to five times before general wear and tear means they may need to be replaced. Read More

QHow do you refill the Elf Bar Mate 500 pods?

A Refilling the Elf Bar Mate 500 pods is easy. Simply remove the rubber bung from the filling port on the side of the pod. Read More

QWhy is Elf Bar such a popular brand?

A Elf Bar makes high quality vape products with easy to use designs. Take a look a the rest of our Elf Bar products here. Read More

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