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20 X 10ml  E LIQUID Hangsen 10ml Ecig juice Flavours


You will receive 2 boxes of 10x10ml = 200ml

0mg 6mg 12mg 18mg NICOTINE

Genuine Hangsen E – Liquid.

Sealed 10 ml Bottles

0MG 3MG 6MG 12MG 18MG

Hangsen is a 30VG/70PG E-Liquid.It is true that this is one of the top sellers

E – Liquid in the UK

Fully TPD compliant

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Aniseed: The bitter yet not unpleasant taste of aniseed is one which many enjoy for the tart liquorice-like taste with fruity undertones it boasts. Our aniseed e liquid has proven very popular since its release and continues to be a flavour which tickles many a tastebud.

Apple: Enjoying an apple a day has always been hailed as a fabulous idea and clearly many agree as our apple e liquid flavour, boasting a crisp, clear and fruity taste has proven very popular.

Banana: There is nothing quite like polishing off a delicious ripe banana and now you may enjoy the same satisfying experience with our banana e liquid, a fabulous result if you love the sweet taste of this favourite yellow fruit.

Berry Blast: A chilled cocktail with a deliciously intense hit of fresh strawberries and ripe raspberries. This vape will provide a fresh hit of berries with the perfect level of coolness.

Black Cherry: There is nothing quite like the undeniably luscious taste of black cherry which seems to fill the senses with a deep and sumptuous fruitiness. With our black cherry e liquid you may enjoy the black cherry experience at any time of the day or night.

Blackcurrant: For the deeply satisfying taste of blackcurrant as part of your vaping enjoyment, you’ll not go far wrong with this quality Hangsen e liquid. Infused with realistic blackcurrant flavouring you’ll be able to close your eyes and truly believe you are out blackcurrant picking. This is a popular flavour and one which offers a fabulously flavoured quality vape.

Blackcurrant Ice: The perfect fusion of cool menthol flavours with sharp Blackcurrant undertones. This e-liquid is perfect for those who like our standard Blackcurrant liquid but also enjoy the kick that Menthol has to offer.

Blue Raspberry: A delicious combo of blueberries and raspberries forming a sweet and sour blue raspberry blended with cool menthol and the right amount of sweetness and tartness for a perfectly balanced vape.

Blue Razz Lemonade: Our Famous Blue Razz Berry now with a Twist of Lemonade. The insanely tasty Blue Raspberries now with a Squeeze of Lemon make this Flavour even more Special.

Blue Sky (Hizen): Looking for the famour blue liquid, that has a fruity undertone with a menthol splash as well as aniseed mix, look no further as Blue Heisen is now here by hangsen e liquids

Blue Sour Raspberry: Tangy & candied blue raspberry with a sweet sour sensation cutting through. A fruit blend with a sugary layer. A blue raspberry, which plays between sweet and sour notes, is fused with a candied finish for a layered flavour.

Blueberry: Blueberries are unique in that that their sweet and sharp tastes mingle together to create a truly mouth-watering flavour. We’ve captured the very essence of the blueberry taste in our blueberry e liquid so you may enjoy it wherever you are and whenever you want to.

Blueberry Ice: This e liquid will electrify your tastebuds with its scrumptious taste. Savour the sweet flavour profile of this delicious vape juice. Slightly tart and bursting with fruity sweetness with a refreshing Ice kick on the exhale.

Bubble Gum: Travel back in time with our bubble gum e liquid with its unforgettable cool minty taste. If you enjoyed the taste of cool bubble gum flavour you got from the corner shop or sweet counter as a child you will love recapturing the same tastes now in this vape liquid.

Bubblegum Ice: It sweetest in the range, combining candy with the smooth taste of classic ice. The bubblegum brings with it fruity notes that are complemented by the icy flavour of soft-serve.

Caramel: If you enjoy the velvety goodness that comes with enjoying a top quality caramel then you will adore the sumptuous, melt in the mouth flavour of our caramel e liquid. Those who enjoy a sweet treat will no doubt adore this vape flavour.

Cherry: Love the intense of cherries, well your in for a treat, as our cherry flavour e liquid will give you the taste your looking for.

Cherry Candy: It features a balance of sweet and tangy notes in each puff. Bold cherry develops on inhale while the taste of sugary candy lingers on exhale.

Chocolate Caramel: If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this sumptuous blend of silky smooth chocolate and delicious caramel for a flavour that will not disappoint. This sugar free combination of chocolate and caramel is a perfectly balanced flavour that is certain to be a hit, just without the calories

Cigar: The exclusiveness and unique taste of a quality cigar is what has made it a firm favourite with many the world over. Our Cigar e liquid mirrors the heady taste which has been likened to a deeply satisfying woody mixture of walnuts and pecans.

Cinnamon: Our cinnamon e liquid flavour is full bodied aromatic sweet and savoury flavour that will send your taste buds wanting more and more.

Coconut: For the ultimate tropical taste our coconut e liquid will caress your senses with its almost nutty goodness, the sweet undertones and slight milky taste.

Coffee: If you are the sort of person who wants, no needs coffee in their life then this quality coffee flavoured e liquid is for you. We can’t guarantee a caffeine hit however if you a looking for a roll around the mouth coffee flavour that fills the senses and still offers the same pleasurable throat hit you crave then you are in the right place.

Cotton Candy Ice: It is soft, sweet cotton candy e-juice with a satisfying icy cold exhale. The perfect vape juice for those with a sweet tooth. This fairy floss vape liquid is for you.

Deluxe Tobacco: Wow! Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be another tobacco flavour worth making, hangsen create an absolute triumph!

Double Menthol: Awaken your senses with this doubly-delicious helping of fresh mint leaves on cooling menthol.

Fruit Mix: If you are looking for a taste sensation which merges the fruity goodness of a refreshingly tasty e liquid with the relaxation which comes with enjoying a quality vape you’ve come to the right place. This particularly fruity mix will delight your tastebuds and yet leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Gold & Silver: Our gold and silver e liquid provides a wonderfully flavoursome tobacco hit which is slightly woody, somewhat nutty and most definitely enjoyable.

Golden lV: A authentic tasting tobacco flavoured vape thats tastes similar to the traditional world class tobacco product. The e liquid is great tasting roll up flavour thats smooth to vape for a great vaping experience

Golden Tree: A smooth yet flavoursome tobacco tasting e liquid, this Golden Tree (aka as Rolling tobacco e liquid) taste sensation makes for the perfect vape for those switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes that prefer a similar flavour to a well know leafy tobacco brand. With this high grade e liquid flavour you’ll not be disappointed.

Golden VGA: Sweet, mellow and moreish, hangsen Golden VGA is a tobacco vape that you won’t want to miss!

Grape: For a fresh tasting fruity treat with a subtle yet tart undertone our grape e liquid is just the thing for those who enjoy the straight from the vine flavour.

Grape Menthol: Grape Menthol e liquid will tantalise your tastebuds with its delightful taste. Enjoy the sweet flavour profile of this delicious vape juice.

Green Mint: A refreshing flavour featuring menthol, hints of eucalyptus, and ice.

Hangesnberg (Blue Sky): This superb mix is a fruity e liquid with menthol and aniseed undertone to give this a unique taste. Very similar to Heisenberg.

Hazelnut Coffee: A perfect morning vape for any coffee lover. This is a delightful coffee e liquid with a gorgeous hazelnut undertone.

HS Menthol Sensation: If you are someone who loves the taste and smell of all things menthol then our menthol sensation e liquid, which has the same taste yet provides an extra icy kick could be just what you are looking for.

Ice Menthol: The premium juice is a classic, the menthol hit is smooth and cool. This is a refreshing premium juice that will leave your taste buds tingling all day.

Ice Mint: Here we have the uniquely refreshing taste of Ice Mint, ready and waiting to be loaded up and enjoyed as part of your favourite minty e smoke. As with all Hangsen e liquids you’ll know that only the highest quality ingredients have gone into this sublimely flavoured e liquid so that you may enjoy a supreme flavour experience with every draw.

Instrument: A well-known and much enjoyed tobacco flavour, our Instrument e liquid is mild yet packed with taste for a smoothly satisfying vape.

Juicy Peach: If you are looking for an e liquid flavour so mouthwateringly tasty that you can’t imagine anything better then you are in the right place. Extremely popular with vapers who enjoy a fruit blast which will fill the senses this Hangsen juicy peach e liquid is just the thing,

Kiwi Apple & Strawberry: A formidable blend of juicy apples and kiwis with a great sweet strawberry taste make this Hangsen e liquid an absolute favourite among its vapers.

Lemon: Crisp, clear, slightly sharp and with a touch of sweetness this fabulous tasting citrus e liquid is perfect for those who enjoy the unique taste of lemon and who crave a refreshing and taste bud tickling vape flavour. As with all Hangsen e liquids this lemon flavoured variety is made with only the very best ingredients so you know that your vape experience will be a quality one not to be missed.

Lemon & Lime: This is a classic refreshing combination of crisp, clear, slightly sharp lemon flavour with a hint of lime goodness with all the ingredients for an all day vape. The distinct lemon flavour dominates on the inhale whilst the lime leaves a refreshing taste on the exhale.

Lemonade Summer Fruits: It is berry fruit blend with a citrus twist. On inhale, the juicy mixed berries delivers sweet notes, complemented by a zesty lime on exhale for a distinct vape.

Mango: Our mango e liquid flavour is as exotic as the fruit itself. Close your eyes and you can almost see fresh and ripe mangos, open and juicy, surrounded by tropical trees and hear the sea lapping gently on white beaches in the distance.

Menthol: Why smoke conventional menthol cigarettes when you may enjoy the tongue tingling tobacco and mint tasting mix of flavours which our menthol e liquid captures perfectly?

Mint: Looking for a refreshing vape which will have your taste-buds singing for joy and your senses tingling with pleasure? You’ve found one here! One of our most popular minty e liquids this Hangsen vape flavouring tastes great draw after draw, offering continuous enjoyment as standard.

Mojito: This classic Cuban cocktail flavour is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and luxurious tasting e liquid. The flavours roll around the mouth as if you were in a high-end cocktail bar, enjoying the mint, rum and lime combination the mojito drink is so well known for.

Pineapple: The king and queen of the tropical fruits, the pineapple has a tart yet sweet taste which is unrivalled in its uniqueness. Our pineapple e liquid has captured the very essence of this fresh, fruity and moreish taste sensation for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you desire.

Pink Lemonade: It is tart, juicy pink lemonade vape juice with the hints of refreshing melon greatness that’s sweet and zings your taste buds with lip smacking citrus goodness

Pink Sky: Pink Sky E Liquid 10ml takes tropical fruit flavours and blends them to perfection with the addition of an underlying citrus twist.

Pinkman: This flavour is a must for fruit flavour fanatics and is a take on the famous pinkman e liquid. One of the most popular all day vape flavours around, this fruity concoction will get your taste buds going without fail.

Rainbow: This blend provides a stronger tobacco taste which anyone who has smoked Lambert and Butler in the past will recognise. Rainbow e liquid is the top choice for those looking for a clean and heady flavoursome vape.

Raspberry: Those who enjoy the ultimate fruity hit will love our raspberry e liquid which delivers the sweet and sharp combination which only those who love raspberries will understand.

Red A: It is a refreshing combination of red berries providing a sweet inhale followed by a uplifting and invigorating menthol exhale, with a dash of aniseed.

Red Cola: If you like the taste of red cola you’ll love this refreshingly simple e liquid flavour. Enjoy draw after draw of satisfaction with a quality e liquid made from the highest grade ingredients, leaving you completely satisfied every time.

Red Energy: Our Red Energy e liquid harnesses the sweet and energising flavour of your favourite energy drink. If you enjoy the taste of these types of drinks you may now experience the same unique blend of flavours when vaping.

RY4: This fabulous RY4 e liquid contains a unique mixture of vanilla, caramel and a mild tobacco taste, together producing a heady and intensely pleasurable taste sensation. Very popular and smooth tasting

RY6: Generally RY6 (also known as HS Golden Tobacco)  is the nearest tobacco e liquid flavour that you will get to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Amazingly satisfying oak smoke blend that will leave you satisfied and wondering why you didn’t quit traditional cigarettes beforehand. Hugely popular e liquid and a must for any tobacco flavour lover

Smooth: As the name suggests Smooth as Silk is indeed the smoothest tobacco taste available, yet still offers the deeply satisfying tobacco taste that smokers are looking for.

Sour Apple: Crisp and ripe sour apples you’ll definitely enjoy! A flavor that sits well on your cotton, as well as on your tastebuds! On the exhale, sweet and tart granny smith apple flavor teases the taste buds with a good dosage of sugary goodness, topped with a satisfying sourness.

Spearmint: The classic taste of spearmint is one which many have enjoyed in chewing gums, mints and even in flavoured desserts. Our spearmint e liquid captures the fabulously sweet and minty fresh taste perfectly for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

ST Tobacco: One of the heavier or deeper tobacco flavours we have on offer this St Tobacco e liquid from Hangsen offers a uniquely satisfying vape experience for those looking for a tobacco taste with a kick. Made from the very finest ingredients you’ll truly appreciate the quality of this flavour from the first draw.

Strawberry: Strawberries are a favourite fruit for many and the sweet, fresh and tangy taste is what makes our strawberry e liquid such a popular choice.

Strawberry Mint: Hangsen combining the understated yet beautifully sweet taste of ripe strawberries with a hint of refreshing mint, this flavour is an unexpected delight. If you have been struggling to decide whether to go for a fruity juice or some minty magic

Strong Mint: If what you are looking for in an vape flavour that’s fresh, clear and mindblowingly minty sensation then this is the right e liquid for you. Made using only the very best ingredients you know that you’ll struggle find a taste-tingling mint flavoured e cigarette flavour quite like this anywhere else.

The Palm: Authentic new brand by hangsen the palm flavor premium e-liquid, genuine the best vape e-juice and top e-liquid’s online

Tobacco: This unique blend hits the back of throat in a way that is deeply satisfying Tobacco flavour. For a real down to earth tobacco taste our tobacco e liquid is just the thing. Perfect for every day use and very popular with most punters who prefer the mild smooth taste.

Tobacco Mint: Enjoy a tobacco tasting smoke yet relish the sense-blasting minty taste that our Hangsen combined tobacco mint e liquid flavour is famed for? For ultimate satisfaction and the unmistakable taste of quality look no further.

Triple Menthol: A brilliantly mixed menthol flavoured vape thats crisp, clean and tasty vape. Made from the very best ingredients Hangsen Triple Menthol e liquid makes for a fabulously tasty vape which leaves you both relaxed and satisfied.

USA Mix: Hangsen this outstanding tobacco juice perfectly captures the authentic flavour of American tobacco. It is a full-bodied e Liquid with a strong flavour and yet remains pleasingly smooth.

Vanilla: This vanilla e liquid will have those with a sweet tooth licking their lips in anticipation as it truly captures the delectable, smooth and creamy taste of the best quality vanilla available anywhere.

Vanilla Custard: There really is nothing quite like the heavenly melt in your mouth velvety, smooth and sweet flavour of Vanilla Custard. Aren’t you glad that you may now enjoy this taste with our popular Vanilla Custard e liquid?

Virginia Tobacco:Hangsen Virginia Tobacco E Liquid 10ml is an e liquid which provides a smooth hand-rolled taste Virginia tobacco e liquid hits the spot just where you need it to with its woody yet not overly strong taste.

Watermelon: The fruity, sweet and succulent mouth-watering taste of watermelon is now available for you to enjoy whenever you want it with our popular watermelon e liquid. If nothing else but watermelon will hit the spot you needn’t look any further.

Watermelon Ice: A juicy watermelon blend with ripe fruit undertones paired with a hint of ice for freshness creating a fantastic vape flavour throughout. watermelons are the iconic fruit of summer that can be enjoyed all year-round.

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20 x 10ml

106 reviews for HANGSEN E-LIQUID 20 X 10ML= 200ML

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    wow great price and amazing flavour, love watermelon
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    I have been a customer for several years and I am truly satisfied with your product

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    Great price and really good flavour. Only buy Hangsen and E-cig clouds never disappoint. Thanks guys!

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    Great product…have ordered many times before and will continue to do so

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    Good product ,good price ,good service ,from e-cig clouds…

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    Good service ,good product ,good price…

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    I only buy hanseng products , at good price…no problem

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    Always a great price and a variety of delivery options.
    Has always arrived on time.

  13. Geof (verified owner)

    Hangsen cigar. Great, biscuit tasting flavour. Great quality,price and delivery. Nice people to deal with..

  14. Geof (verified owner)

    Hangsen Cigar. High quality, new stock and a great biscuit flavour. Prompt, reliable delivery with plenty of tracking information.

  15. Ian Vardy (verified owner)

    Excellent value and great service. I don’t buy juice from anywhere else now.

  16. Julie holt

    Been with this company for years great product great service always arrives on time would highly recommend

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    Blue razz lemonade great product will be purchasing more

  18. rgfperry (verified owner)

    Despite trying every juice, Hangsen has been the most consistent in flavour and consistency. My go to vape is HS Menthol sensation which gives a fresh and minty aftertaste. Ideal for discreet vaping and I am always complimented on how fresh my breath is from my partner. I have been using Hangsen now for around 7 years now and thoroughly recommend the quality.

  19. jenclarke100 (verified owner)

    Always use Hangsen, would highly recommend. Excellent service and fast delivery from E-Cig Clouds. Keep up the good work guys!

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    Great product great service..

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    Fantastic service great price for my Hansen liquids
    Wont shop anywhere else now

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    Used the Tobacco flavour for a while now, and really happy with it, certainly can’t complain about the price.

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    Good service good value for money

  24. Charlie (verified owner)

    Good service good value for money good taste

  25. Charlie (verified owner)

    Value for money good quality good service

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    Good service good value and good taste

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    Quick and efficient service as usual

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    All round excellent service from E-Cigclouds. Always value for money. Hangsen Menthol sensation is my go to for the best Menthol experience.

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    Great product and service, always on time. Thanks

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    Always quick delivery of great product and great price

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    I’ve used Hangsen for years & for me it’s best on the market,

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    Love hangsen rainbow. Love this website.

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    Hangsen is the best liquid, kind to coils, 1 usually lasts me a month. Flavours are great I mix red cola for sweetness and green mint for the throat kick. Works really well. Great company orders arrive quickly and no delays

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    Great product really fast delivery

  40. Mike Graley (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and great service, wouldn’t buy anywhere else

  41. Pete (verified owner)

    Always top notch only vape with hangsen arrives within 48 hrs very pleased

  42. Angie Palmer (verified owner)

    Hangsen RY6 is a great mellow tobacco flavour with a hint of sweetness.

  43. Dave (verified owner)

    Used to get my hangsen from china but with the great prices from e-cig clouds there is no need to go through the wait and the hassle ,RY6 and juicy peach are my go toos ,i have never registered and just buy as and when i need ,normally 400ml to 800ml at a time and all orders delivered flawlessly .Many thanks and keep up the great work and prices

  44. hksh_67 (verified owner)

    Best price I have found. Been buying the Golden GVA for quite a long time and never had any problems. Cheap and quick delivery.

  45. Scarecrow (verified owner)

    happy as usual

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    Great service, quick delivery and the best price. Hangsen Menthol sensation is the best there is for me at least.

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    Excellent service allways delivered on time
    Great communication
    Have been using this company for more than 4 years

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    These guys do the best price for oil and coils

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    Hangsen is the best, great products and costs as well as service !

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    Fantastic product fantastic company been dealing with E-cig for about 4 years never had to complain about any thing . Thank you E-cigs ps have recommended you to several friends 👍👍👍

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    Great Tastes ,very good prices and fast delevery Thank You

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    Simply the best would buy no other juice

  57. Anthony f (verified owner)

    Simply the best. Would buy no other juice.

  58. Ken Little (verified owner)

    been using this juice for a few years, first came across it abroad, for over a year I’ve been buying from these guys, the price is good, and the service is excellent, what’s not to like.

  59. Andrew Knox (verified owner)

    Great Price. Great Flavour.

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    Great value easy to use quick delivery

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    Excellent 1st time and every time

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    Excellent product great service many years no complaints

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    Great product at a great price

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    Had problem with order but e-cig rang and emailed to keep me informed
    really good service have used them for sometime and recommended
    Quick delivery

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    Stuck with these for many years, nice liquids and ordered from ecig clouds for many years too as such a good price and always quick delivery

  66. Julie Roberts (verified owner)

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    Very happy with my E_ liquid and a very good value many thanks

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    Great product and great service ,,🙂

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  74. Lynda Thomas (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t use any other product.
    Consistent quality and availability.

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    Excellent service, wouldn’t shop anywhere else. Brilliant.

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    Great quality product really nice variety of flavours

  80. Clifford Thompson (verified owner)

    Having dealt with this company many times i find them really good, and would not go anywhere else.

  81. Clifford Thompson (verified owner)

    My order was delivered on time,and i am really pleased with the product.

  82. Lesley James (verified owner)

    Fruit mix is my favourite. Good quality, good prices.

  83. Alan (verified owner)

    Only use Hangsen Atom liquid and this is the best site to purchase from, quick service, well packaged and superb pricing.

  84. Margaret (verified owner)

    Great service every time. Just swapped to Caramel and love it.

  85. Sohail Ashrif (verified owner)

    Great flavours

  86. Elizabeth White

    Gold & Silver is the only one my husband will use. He says it is the most like tobacco, and has been using it for years now. The speed of delivery and price are also excellent. Highly recommended.

  87. matthew.evas (verified owner)

    Great service and great prices ! #EC358610

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    Purchase time and time again. Never ahead a problem and always arrives as promised 💯

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    Fast delivery (2 days) .
    Excellent prices.
    Well packaged.
    So happy I found this site:)

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    Excellent service, competitive pricing, fast delivery. Best site for Vaping.

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    This is my go to flavour. The price is great and the delivery time is always less than stated. I will keep coming back to purchase.

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  93. ann leslie (verified owner)

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  95. Jan Mcgrath (verified owner)

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  97. Dave Stevens (verified owner)

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  102. Paul Duffy (verified owner)

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  103. Paul Duffy (verified owner)

    Just as was ordered. I will definitely purchase again

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    Dealt with this company many times. All positive, price, delivery all the excellent.

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    Good flavour, great price and fast delivery. Very happy with the service

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    Great choice of flavours, very good delivery. All round very good service.

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