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PG/VG: 50/50

Earn up to 25 Points.

Available In 10MG & 20MG Strength


Freshly-baked apple cider doughnut coated in cinnamon and sugar.


Keep It 100 Bacco is a straightforward tobacco blend, that perfectly captures that authentic and classic, earthy tobacco flavour.


Keep it 100 – Blue  E liquid is filled with the yummy cool and refreshing flavour of a blue slushie blended with sweet lemonade that is sure to keep you on your toes.


Keep It 100 Blue brings back to life the original blue slushy, with delicious strawberries, blueberries and sweet-tarty raspberries, completed with a breezy icy menthol edge.


It’s the classic — the flavour that you always choose at the slushie machine when you aren’t quite sure what to buy. Blue Slushie by Keep It 100 delivers a deliciously realistic blue slushie flavor that you’ll want to return to again and again.


The popularity of Blue Slushie Nic Salt can be attributed to its meticulous attention to perfecting the balance of flavors. Blue Slushie Ice by Keep It 100 nic salt takes this a step further by introducing a cooling menthol backdrop that brings out the full essence of strawberries and raspberries in the equation. This enhancement creates a perfect menthol vape experience for those who appreciate a delightful combination of menthol and fruity flavors.


Mint by Keep It 100 SALTS is a refreshing nic salt infusion of icy cool spearmint with a slight sweet undertone for a phenomenal vape.


The citrusy soda you grew up drinking is now available as an nic salt e-liquid! Lemon and lime flavors combine with the distinct dew soda flavor to create the ideal all-day vape for drink and soda enthusiasts!


Kiberry Killa by Keep It 100 Salts brings you the classic flavour combination in nicotine salt form. Featuring a popular pairing of flavours of Strawberry and Kiwi, this e liquid balances the flavours perfectly, delivering a deliciously fruity flavour throughout.


A deliciously fulfilling cereal e-liquid full of fresh toast squares, Krunchy Squares by Keep It 100 may be a spot-on diversion of your top pick breakfast treat — right down to the sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar and the topping of cool, rich drain.


Keep It 100 Mallow is a confectionary treat, perfectly replicating those traditionally sweet and sugary marshmallows.


A rich blend of creamy milk and bold vanilla perfectly blended together and topped off with a hint of nuttiness of almond.


Keep It 100 Pink Burst is an authentic burst of ripe summer strawberries, oozing with sugary sweet candy.


Keep It 100 Synthetic Salts Purple E-liquid is a nic salt that fuses delicious grape flavors with a cooling blast of menthol.


Keep it 100 – Strawberry milk salt is a ripened strawberry party that joins milk to create a perfect replica of Strawberry Milk. Keep it 100 Milk E Liquid brings you perfection in vape form. Deliciously sweet and perfectly creamy this vape liquid is sure to bring you both memories and a smile.


Discover  Summer Blue Salts by Keep It 100, featuring a synthetic nicotine blend with blue raspberries and strawberries in lemonade.


VG/PG 50/50




10 x 10ml


10mg, 20mg


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39 reviews for KEEP IT 100 RANGE 10ML NIC SALT PACK OF 10

  1. RPM (verified owner)

    Got several packs of these, currently enjoying the Pink Burst flavour – is flippin lush!
    A sweet kick of strawberry but not at all sickly.
    My go-to out n about mtl flavour (Argus P1 with 1.2ohm pod).
    Fantastic price for proper tasty nic salts packs of 10. Just a no-brainer really.

  2. Sara Ibrahim (verified owner)

    It’s ok , Really good price!
    I wasn’t blown away by the flavours though

  3. MISS K OCONNOR (verified owner)

    Beautiful rich and creamy juice. I am using a little but of thus juice mixed with Grandma’s Vanilla Custard. This turns it into an ambrosia rice pudding. Totally stunning!!

  4. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Nice Good value

  5. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed good value

  6. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Very good. Enjoyed

  7. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Nice Good value

  8. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Nice Good value good price

  9. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Not bad. Good price

  10. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Would buy again

  11. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Very nice

  12. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Very nice. Fantastic price for proper tasty nic salts

  13. harrowell9 (verified owner)

    Very nice price for tasty nic salts

  14. David Binningsley (verified owner)

    Great price and a good tasting juice

  15. May Sansom (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money a real bargain. Only thing I would like would be to buy a multipack of different flavours rather than all same flavour. But other than that amazing buy.

  16. ed (verified owner)

    excellent flave, i had the strawberry taffy. quick postage and excellent value for money

  17. Claire (verified owner)

    The blue slush iced is absolutely amazing, I would like to say its not to keep it all to myself but then that would be a lie. If you like a sweet flavour then you should definitely give this one a try.

  18. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Not bad at all, make sure you use the salts with the right coil ohms. Works bests with pods. Not bad taste.

  19. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Very good price, prefer slightly over the normal slushie as I prefer bit of menthol to it

  20. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Not bad, similar to to a few other but a little sweeter

  21. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Very good price, quite sweet

  22. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Similar to mallow man, was a bit sweet at the start but you get use to it .

  23. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t like a strawberry version of majority of liquids.. a must try

  24. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    This flavour is a cross between mallow man and crunchy squares and almond. Quite sweet

  25. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Not bad something different than you usually get

  26. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    One of the best of the lot , prob top 5 of the choices you can choose

  27. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Peachy punch is ok bit sweet

  28. kane1980uk (verified owner)

    Blue slushie lemonade made my top 3.

  29. john.wcp88 (verified owner)

    Excellent Blue Slushie Lemonade, very kind on coils too, (using voopoo drag s with pnp r2 coils) and it is nice just like the real thing really. For the price you cannot go wrong for how many bottles you get too.

  30. kerryb (verified owner)

    Really good price but the pink burst I chose wasn’t very nice, sickly taste to it but for the price if you find one you like, you can’t go wrong!

  31. Jamie Barton (verified owner)

    Great price but didnt like mallow man a lot

  32. john.wcp88 (verified owner)

    Got the strawberry milk one, very nice. Very cheap for the price too. Definately worth picking these up for nic salt MTL vaping.

  33. Andrew Young (verified owner)

    Flavour is good, I’ve tried a few dif 1s with the blue slushie my fav.
    Price won’t be beaten.
    Definetely recommend.

  34. Shane (verified owner)

    Had to return as they tasted gone off and flavourless and they just made me cough and a very dry cough.

    However they are extremely cheap so on that basis I’ll give them 3* as maybe for some others they won’t have the same bad experience but for me I sadly could not recommend these.

  35. Gruff (verified owner)

    Good salts, good price. The Bacco was a bit sweet and tastes a bit like marsh mallows.

  36. Jamie Wheeler (verified owner)

    Lovely taste

  37. Lisa TAYLOR (verified owner)

    Grrat flavour and price

  38. Gabrielle Hall-Thomas (verified owner)

    The blue iced one is awesome one of new favourite

  39. Paul Theobald (verified owner)

    Amazing liquid from a fantastic company which is affordable and extremely efficient.

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