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PG/VG: 50/50

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10ml Plastic bottles

you will receive box of 10ml x 10ml 100ml

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg



Apple E-Liquid by Vado. Mix of delicious and red apples. A must try for apple lovers.


Banana by Vado E liquid 10ml. Including fresh banana fruit.

Bens G&s:

Vado Bens G&S E-Liquid by Vado . This tobacco enhance will make you believe you’re having the typical tobacco.

Berry Tunes:

Berry Tunez E-Liquid from Vado is a great way to start a new range. It is not too sweet, nor too sharp but treads a middle line. It reminds me of berry and blackcurrants.

Black Ice:

Black Ice E-Liquid by Vado. A magnificently cooling vape with a distinctive and tantalizing blend of blackcurrant, aniseed and menthol.

Black Jack:

Black Jack E-Liquid by Vado: This has everything you would expect from a classic retro Black Jack sweet, a rich distinctive Aniseed flavour.


Blackcurrant by Vado E-Liquid. Typical blackcurrant flavor.

Blue Ice:

Blue Ice E-Liquid by Vado.  Soft and succulent blueberry menthol enhance.

Blue Razz Lemonade:

Blue Razz Lemonade E Liquid by Vado is capturing a delectable blend of tangy blue raspberry muddled in lemonade.

Blue Sour Raspberry:

Blue Sour Raspberry E Liquid by Vado is a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity aftertaste that combines sweet and sour notes of blueberries with tart raspberries to create a tantalizing vape experience.


Blueberry by Vado E-Liquid. Magnificent blueberry flavor.


Candy E-Liquid from Vado is a Classic Candy Flavour.


Cherry E-Liquid by Vado. Our cherry enhance offers the ultimate sweet fruity richness..

Cherry Tunes:

Cherry Tunes by Vado E-Liquid. Fresh cherry flavor.

Classic Tobacco:

Vado Classic Tobacco E-Liquid. This tobacco enhance will make you believe you’re having the typical tobacco.


Coffee from Vado is the perfect way to start the day. This Coffee vape by Vado offers a rich intense taste with a creamy light finish.


Cola E Liquid by Vado is a bold cola flavour on inhale delivers a fizzy and tangy taste, complemented by a sugary candy on exhale.

Double Menthol:

Double Menthol by Vado. Perfect vape for menthol lovers.

G Virg Tobacco:

G Virg Tobacco from Vado has the perfect tobacco taste that offers an intense flavour with a smokey aftertaste and a subtle hint of honey.


Grape E-Liquid by Vado. Sweet and acrid grape flavor.

Gummy Bear:

Gummy Bear E Liquid by Vado is a sweet blend of fruit and candy, blackcurrant flavour that has real depth with a sweet inhale and a juicy aftertaste, blended with gummy candy giving this vape a sugary kick..

Hznberg (Blue H):

Vado Hznberg E-Liquid by Vado. Perfect mix of fresh berries, menthol and aniseed.

Ice Mint:

Ice Mint E-Liquid from Vado is a very cool and crisp Mint Flavour.

Ice Mix Berries:

Ice Mix Berries E Liquid by Vado is berry-delightful blend of forest fruits including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, finishing with a cooling ice breeze.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava:

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava E Liquid by Vado is a tropical blend of fruits sweet-tasting passionfruit is complimented with notes of kiwi and Guava delivering an exotic-tasting vape liquid.


Lemon E-Liquid by Vado. Zesty and tart lemon flavor.

Mango Strawberry:

Vado Mango Strawberry E-Liquid. Blend of sweet mango and fresh strawberry fruit.


Menthol by Vado E liquid. Perfect vape for menthol lovers.


Orange E Liquid provides an instant burst of tangy goodness and dominant ripe oranges on every inhale.

Pink lemonade:

Pink Lemonade E Liquid by is zesty lemonade as a base, then added plenty of sweet ripe summer berries to give you one mouth-watering vape juice.

Rainbow Sweets (name changed) rainbow candy flavour:

Rainbow Sweets is a fruit medley with a sugary base. A sweet candy is present on inhale, before a blend of strawberry, orange, grape and lime create a rainbow candy flavour for an authentic-tasting vape.


Raspberry E-Liquid by Vado. Sweet and ripe raspberry flavor.

Raspberry Mint:

Raspberry Mint E-Liquid by Vado. Awesome mix of raspberry and mint.

Red Juice:

Red Juice E-Liquid from Vado is a great way to start a new range. It is not too sweet, nor too sharp but treads a middle line.


Spearmint E-Liquid by Vado. Classic spearmint e-liquid.


Star Burst e Liquid suitable for standard vaping. A fresh fruity vape that’s full of rich flavours that will remind you of fruity chewy sweets.


Strawberry E-Liquid by Vado. Fresh and sweet strawberry flavor.

Strawberry & Kiwi:

Strawberry & Kiwi E-Liquid by Vado. Fruity combination of strawberry and kiwi.

Strawberry Razz Cherry:

Strawberry Razz Cherry E Liquid by Vado is a combination of a sweet and fruity blend fresh strawberries, raspberries and cherry.


Vado Tobacco E-Liquid by Vado. Typical tobacco flavor for ex-smokers.


Vimttoo by Vado E-Liquid. Mix of herbs and flavors and a mix of blackcurrant, raspberry and grape.


Watermelon E-Liquid by Vado. Fresh watermelon flavor.

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VG/PG 50/50





3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg


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10 x 10ml

31 reviews for VADO E LIQUID (10 X 10ML = 100ML) 35 FLAVOURS

  1. Jay

    Fast delivery, great product.
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  2. Billy Nolan

    Fast service good product wil lorder again. Thanks
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  3. Jana

    Bought this product many times, always good quality and delivered on time. I messed up my last order, all was sorted quickly over email, excellent customer service.
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  4. Paul Jones

    Had great service from them would recommend there 5 star service.
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  5. Paul Jones

    Great service over the last couple of years
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  6. Kathy

    Great Service Great Vapes Great flavours.FAST DELIVERY
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  7. Juliet

    I have had three bottles that won’t open.

  8. Lyn graham (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, good product, the only coffee flavour I like , the rest always taste choclatey

  9. Penny (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant service. Flavour best I’ve ever had. Will always buy from yourselves.

  10. europe-endless (verified owner)

    Quick and efficient delivery, will buy from here again

  11. martin (verified owner)

    great service and delivery, will buy again

  12. martin (verified owner)

    very helpful with first time purchase

  13. mikewclayton (verified owner)

    The site is easy to navigate and the product (Vado grape) is good quality and satisfies my needs. Always arrives on time and really competitively priced.

  14. Steve Edwards (verified owner)

    Good quality product, fast delivery would recommend this company

  15. Rita (verified owner)

    Great fast service .always use this site

  16. Rose Bowes (verified owner)

    Great service and competitively priced

  17. Tracey (verified owner)

    Exactly as described and recd quickly very happy to buy again and recommend to all

  18. Wendy Grandfield (verified owner)

    Have been buying from this company for along time. Always fast and efficient service.Recommend to all.

  19. Lorna (verified owner)

    Great service, quick delivery and great product

  20. Denise Woodey (verified owner)

    Highly recommended great price delivery always on time

  21. David Edkins (verified owner)

    Great product and a great price. Always good service and deliveries on time.
    Will buy again.

  22. Wafaa (verified owner)

    Quality product and great service, fast delivery

  23. davebooth062 (verified owner)

    Excellent service once again,

  24. davebooth062 (verified owner)

    Excellent service once again.

  25. davebooth062 (verified owner)

    Excellent product and brilliant service.

  26. davebooth062 (verified owner)

    Good product at a good price.

  27. Philip Broadbent (verified owner)

    Great service quick and easy

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    Great price and always quick delivery.

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    Great service, fast delivery

  30. April (verified owner)

    Great service and fast delivery

  31. April (verified owner)

    Great service

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