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Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils are a set of plug ‘n’ play coil atomizer head, crafted in a single, dual, ceramic coil, or mesh set up to allow for different vaping styles like direct to lung and mouth-to-lung to become the suitable vape system for each individual user.

Check out our full selection of coils here.

VOOPOO PnP Replacement Coils Features:

  • 0.8ohm PnP TM2 Mesh Coil – rated for 12-18W (Half DL)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-TR1 Mesh Coil – rated for 10-15W (MTL)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-VM4 Mesh Coil – rated for 20-28W (Half DL)
  • 0.3ohm PnP-VM1 Mesh Coil – rated for 32-40W (DL)
  • 0.15ohm PnP-VM6 Mesh Coil – rated for 60-80W (DL)
  • 0.45ohm PnP-M1 Single Coil – rated for 28-35W (DL)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-M2 Single Coil – rated for 20-28W (DL)
  • 0.8ohm PnP-R1 Dual Coil – rated for 12-18W (MTL)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-C1 Ceramic Coil – rated for 10-15W (MTL)
  • 0.45 ohm PnP-VM3 Single Mesh Coil – rated for 25-35W (Half-DTL)
  • 0.6 ohm PnP-M2 Single Coil rated for 20-28W (DTL)
  • 1.0 ohm PnP-R2 Coil rated for 10-15W (MTL)
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Coil Installation
  • Organic Cotton
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PnP -C1 1.2 ohm, PnP -VM1 MESH 0.3 ohm, PnP -VM3 MESH 0.45 ohm, PnP -VM4 MESH 0.6 ohm, Pnp -TR1 MESH 1.2 ohm, PnP -TM2 MESH 0.8 ohm, PnP -VM6 MESH 0.15 ohm, PnP -VM5 MESH 0.2 ohm


  1. Kris Cayley (verified owner)

    They do the job

  2. nitrodubzswagout (verified owner)

    Monster coils that last over a 1000 puffs

  3. Mick breame (verified owner)

    Great service delivery Great thanks

  4. Mick breame (verified owner)

    Great product and service thanks

  5. Mr Keith Denniss (verified owner)

    Great service, prompt delivery. Coil life varies in different liquids.

  6. tony26bhc (verified owner)

    Great coils, fantastic service

  7. jamie4love (verified owner)

    The best coils I’ve had. Last for long time. Excellent value for money. Great service,quick delivery

  8. nitrodubzswagout (verified owner)

    In my opinion the 0.45 coil is the best and most durable RDL coil in the range, with very sweet liquids you get about 1000 puffs/a week’s worth out of them

  9. Stouffer the cat (verified owner)

    Great prices and speedy delivery can’t fault these guys and girls…….? Have no problem useing them again for future purchases. As for the coils have to tweek my setting yet to find the perfect balance.

  10. Tonyb (verified owner)

    1.0 pnp coils last ages and produce great flavour.

  11. Tonyb (verified owner)

    The 1.0 pnp coils last ages and produce great flavour.

  12. abdul_aziz_3 (verified owner)

    Geneuine coils, cheapest price, definitely going to buy from here again

  13. abdul_aziz_3 (verified owner)

    Geneuine coils, cheapest price, arrived on time, Thanks

  14. ian_scarles (verified owner)

    Monster product

  15. David (verified owner)

    Genuine coils and at excellent price and what I like is you buy five at a time instead of three whether with other brands Great prices and speedy delivery can’t fault these guys a

  16. Rizwan (verified owner)

    Good quality coils. Usage will influence how long they last.

  17. Holly Moody (verified owner)

    Great quality, fast delivery

  18. davidphinton61 (verified owner)

    Good quality coils. Quick delivery highly recommended

  19. Tim Toms (verified owner)

    Depending on liquid these can last a week to 2 weeks – go for less sweeter liquids. Good vape, Reliable, solid buy!

  20. joelione95 (verified owner)

    Very good little tip for you all don’t let dust or pocket lint inside your coil when your carrying it about… even tiny pieces make them burn out quicker just scoop them out 😎

  21. paddyleocarr (verified owner)

    Very good service quick delivery and good coils

  22. scott allan (verified owner)

    Really good coils. Last a long time as well

  23. Gary (verified owner)

    Good service and excellent product

  24. Sarah Espinal-Sheldrake (verified owner)

    Great service product arrived quickly. Will order again

  25. Andy Baxter (verified owner)

    Great wee coils although I use the Vaporesso ones now instead they fit the same and last longer these tend to leak in my experience

  26. Thomas Morley (verified owner)


  27. Glenn Rees-Jones (verified owner)

    I have bought packs and packs lost count and 99% of the time have not had a problem. Good price and reliable delivery service. I have bought cheeper in the past but had many dud coils! So I will stick with these guys!!

  28. Michelle (verified owner)

    Coil life varies, some only last a couple of days. others go on for weeks!!!

  29. ohm0701 (verified owner)

    Original VooPoo coils but cheaper than shops.
    Amazing deal!

  30. matthew blythe (verified owner)

    great coils i buy again

  31. Carolynne (verified owner)

    Brilliant long lasting coils that give an excellent flavour

  32. ohm0701 (verified owner)

    Durable and affordable coils, won’t change them

  33. matthew.fleming (verified owner)

    I’ve found these coils offer the longest life of 3-3500 puffs with 50/50 juice and best flavour.

  34. raymond north (verified owner)

    only buy these from here good delivery

  35. marcasmacleoid (verified owner)

    Pretty decent performance, running TM2 coils around 12-15 watts. Reasonably priced here, too.

  36. Mark Pearse (verified owner)

    This is one of the best coils that I have found

  37. Annabel Felton (verified owner)

    Great coils, good price from e-cig clouds

  38. Ricky Ho Chan (verified owner)

    Great coils and a good price. Will be ordering again

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QWhich VooPoo PnP coil is best for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping?

A The best coils for MTL vaping typically range from 0.6 ohm to 1.8 ohm, such as the VM4, R1, R2, TR1 and TR2. Read More

QWhich PnP coil is best for direct to lung (DTL) vaping?

A The best Voopoo PnP coils for DTL vaping are those with a low resistance of below 1ohm, such as the VM1, VM3, VM5 and VM6. Read More

QWhat Are Voopoo PnP Coils?

A VooPoo PnP coils are high quality vape coils designed for ease of use with Voopoo vape devices. Read More

QWhat Are Voopoo PnP Coils?

A VooPoo PnP coils are high quality vape coils designed for ease of use with Voopoo vape devices. Read More

QWhat is a PnP coil?

A PnP stands for "push and pull". This is because they are pushed into position when inserting them. You can simply pull the old ones out... Read More

QCan I use Voopoo PnP coils in any vape?

A No, these Voopoo PnP coils are designed only for use in Voopoo vapes. Take a look at the rest of our Voopoo vape products here. Read More

QAre Voopoo PnP Coils good?

A VooPoo PnP coils are a really popular choice, especially for those who enjoy sub-ohm vaping. Read More

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