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The Instafill 3500, created by Zap!, is an innovative vaping device that serves as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable vaping kits, setting new standards in the industry. This sleek and stylish device is a rechargeable, refillable disposable that is designed to make your vaping experience hassle-free and convenient.

The Zap Instafill disposable vape kit is the first of its kind – a greener, cost-effective alternative to classic single-use devices. The innovative kit consists of a rechargeable disposable device and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid. A smart vacuum pump effortlessly transfers the liquid from the bottle inside the device into a 2ml pod. With a rechargeable 500mAh battery that can be conveniently charged using a type-c USB, this disposable kit offers an impressive 3,500 puffs, which is six times more than a typical 600-puff disposable vape. Not only is this kit cost-effective, but it is also environmentally friendly. The pods contain 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance at all. Simply recharge the battery and press the refill button whenever you need to replenish your pod. When the e-liquid bottle is empty, it’s time to replace your kit with a new one. It’s also easier to recycle because you can easily separate the battery and bottle from the rest of the kit for disposal.

The Instafill offers a distinct refilling system that allows the 2ml pod to be filled from a 10ml bottle that can be attached to the device. To commence vaping, connect the bottle to the device and insert the battery pack. Once inserted, invert the device and press the button on the top to initiate the filling of the pod with e-liquid from the bottle.

This is a leak-proof system designed to keep the coil and liquid separate during transit. Wait five seconds, insert the pod into the device, and you can start vaping! Simply puff to activate, no buttons or settings required.


Nicotine content: 2% Nic Salt

Rechargeable & Refillable Disposable Vape

Battery: 500mAh built-in battery

Built-in 2ml Refillable Pod

10ml Built-In E-Liquid Bottle

USB-C Fast-Charging

Side fill port

Draw activated

Choice of Many Flavours


1 x Zap Instafill Rechargeable Pod Kit

1 x 10ml Refill Bottle

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x User Manual


Blue Fusion:

A balanced flavour that is achieved by fusing the sour notes of blackberries with delectably sweet blueberries and finishing with fresh raspberry flavours.

Blue Raspberry Cherry:

A sweet and zingy berry flavour with plenty of kick. It pairs the sweet taste of cherry with zingy notes of blue raspberry, creating a tangy berry vape.

Blue Sour Razz:

Juicy, sweet and tangy, this mix of delicious blueberries and tart raspberries will ensure this vape pen is never too far away from your lips!

Coffee Tobacco:

It is distinctive fusion of luxurious coffee and velvety tobacco notes, ideal for discerning vapers with a taste for sophistication. This distinctive blend provides a luxurious and satisfying vaping sensation.

Fresh Mint:

A real blast of fresh mint flavour. The mint is powerful and the low menthol is kept at a perfect balance. A truly classic vape flavour that you can enjoy all day.

Gummy Bear:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. That chewy yet delicious bite full of flavor is quite distinctive and unique.

Lemon & Lime:

A powerful mixture of the citrus giants, a match made in heaven. Mouth-wateringly fresh, zesty lemons, with a splash of a tasty, tangy, lime. Have a zest for life!

Mango Ice:

A cool and refreshing fruity blast of juicy and tropical freshly sliced mangoes layered over a sweet and refreshing icy finish.

Mixed Berries:

Tart blueberries, sweet strawberries, sour raspberries and the rich chocolate-like flavor of acai berries all come together to create a layered flavor, enticing to any berry lover.

Passion Kiwi Guava:

It features a medley of tropical fruits that will tantalise your tastebuds, capturing tangy kiwi paired with passion fruit & guava to create a fantastic vape experience.

Peach Ice:

It has a silky peach flavour with floral undertones and an adequate level of sweetness that works perfectly with a cold layer of ice on the exhale.

Pineapple Ice:

It it features a fantastic sweet and sour pineapple blend fused with crushed ice for a cool tasty all day vape. The flavour blend of the tropical pineapples is absolutely fantastic and just get wrapped around the ice perfectly.

Pink Lemonade:

A combination of raspberry with tangy tones on the inhale followed by a refreshing lemonade with fizzy and refreshing notes on the exhale.

Red Apple Watermelon:

This tantalizing combination of crisp red apples and juicy watermelon creates a refreshing and delicious taste that will invigorate your senses with every bite.

Red Fuel:

Unleash the essence of your beloved energy drink with this vibrant and exhilarating flavor. Red Fuel offers an invigorating vaping experience that will keep you refreshed and revitalized.

Strawberry Kiwi:

It is sweet journey of summer with mouth-watering Kiwi slices and luscious sweet strawberries. It’s a lovely blend of two popular fruits that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy experience.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum:

A base Bubble Gum flavour is enriched with layers of sweet Watermelon and fresh-picked Strawberries throughout and finished off with Ice in this sensational all-day vape.

Watermelon Burst:

A juicy and refreshing vaping experience with our watermelon burst flavor. This delightful vape juice captures the essence of ripe, succulent watermelons, delivering a sweet and revitalizing burst of flavor with every inhale.

VG/PG 50/50




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    Easy to use, good flavours

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