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Supergood e-liquids are here to blow you away with their unbelievably sweet e-liquid flavours. Good just doesn’t cut it! Available as both shortfills and nic salts, Supergood showcases a range of scrumptious candy, dessert, fruit and pastry blends, all of which will have your taste buds going crazy!

Among their most well-known flavours is Butter 08, a gooey delight which features a smooth Peanut Butter flavour sandwiched in between a Graham cracker base, all rounded off with a dollop of Vanilla Ice Cream and a spoonful of rich Grape Jelly.

Their flavours are too yummy to resist: if you’re looking for even more decadence, their Butter 03 flavour provides a buttery Biscuit base flavour with creamy Vanilla Custard notes followed by a rich burst of Jam. Give Supergood a chance and show them just how super they are!

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